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Brapp Beat by @kdrumcom: "KD OSK"

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Videos on KD OSK

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rasahquinzel Les Châtelliers-Châteaumur

dirtybuckle lovely vibes!

rasahquinzel @dirtybuckle thank you

mskal Super voix

mskal Super voix

rasahquinzel @mskal ça fait vraiment plaisir de lire ça merci beaucoup !!

rondeux I like your style. And the French accent makes it sound sexy.. (in a musical way) not flirting! Haven’t heard many French singers.

rasahquinzel @rondeux thank you so much! My english is not perfect but I try to do my best, so I really appreciate your comment

illprophetelr Oooohh,,,wonderful!

illprophetelr Thanks:) I'm very pleased to hear that! I hope in future we'll collaboration

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david_amelei Smashed it

yorkz Respect bro

immoral This was sick YORKZ bro

yorkz Safe Immoral!

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gnarlydavidson You are very skilled this is amazing

just_joe Dope flows!

normoddity Sick!

alowala Thanks gnarly! Lyrics from The Coconut Song :) one love

mrchisti Heavy, really dope :)

jyager Love this...



graziella Hero!


alowala Thanks for all the love

cobes Niceness!!!


hank_hiller Yeah smashed it!

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larry Sick bars sounds like some chester p level shit

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jyager @kd

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bgfrecords Классно читаешь, напиши нам в лс , хотим помочь тебе парой хороших советов

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Mental Patience
Beat by kdrumcom
Slow vibe resonation


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nikimukhi Haha Yes