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Bee Birmingham, UK

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beeunreal Birmingham

_hansolo_ Voice sounds so good

deadott Dope dope dope

beeunreal @deadott nice one! Tune is big @_hansolo_ thanks beaut

vers Jeez

beeunreal @vers respect !

jrfbbeats Wooooowwww this is amazing

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beeunreal Birmingham

Two spades deep
Beat by albadman
Little 5:20am improvised jam over this dope ass beat from @albadman smashing it again #sorryneighbours


albadman awesome @beeunreal, love it

albadman such a shame Brapp is shutting down ;(

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beeunreal Oh my days this is ill

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_hansolo_ London

lazemz love it ! so calm

_hansolo_ @lazemz thanks!

lazemz do you have songs somewhere to listen?

equalmeasure Nice

multiversal New skool Helen reddy vibes , love it

_hansolo_ @equalmeasure

_hansolo_ @lazemz no I don’t at the moment, I just sing on here for fun but I’m going to try recording some bits soon

_hansolo_ @multiversal

thesoulsinger @_hansolo_ Amazing. This just soothes my soul. your voice

_hansolo_ @soulsinger21 thank you!

michelleward Gorgeous x


_hansolo_ @michelleward

_hansolo_ @small thanks

beeunreal Oh my days love it peach

_hansolo_ @beeunreal aww thank you!

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genghisdaze What you saying g?

genghisdaze Hit me up, keen.

willyc Sick bruv

genghisdaze hit me up on facebook or soundcloud g

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beeunreal Birmingham

bigshamu Dope

imfloki And a brummie!!! C'monnnn this is dope! Gotta work sometime!!

beeunreal @imfloki woiiii 0121! Yes man come jam sometime - where in Brum are ya?

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beeunreal Birmingham

charlieb Nice. Let me know if you want to record something on it. I’ll send you the files.

beeunreal @charlieb thanks bab! Big up. got my studio set up now so keen to have a go x

charlieb @beeunreal hopefully you got the files. Let me know if not.

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Mr nicey nice
Beat by pandamoniumuk


willyc Barsssss fammmm

esteem Trampled on and full of alcohol like vineyard grapes!!! Smashing it on every line, kid!

cjburns Dopeness!!


marston Dope

pandamoniumuk Doooope!!!

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Holographic operative
Beat by gwop


gwop yes sir !!

hijack Bigup gwop!!!!

cjburns Teflon Don

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beeunreal Jersey Airport

genghisdaze you're mad x

beeunreal @genghisdaze lol I forgot about this

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beeunreal Kilburn

albadman awesome! luv the phrasing

vincedaffon Amazing yesssssssssssssssx

sicksixet This is gorgeous