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Benny Blaze

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olghank Yaounde

Careless Whispers - George Michael
Beat by benny777blaze
Just wanted to see if i could fit the lyrics on this beat. :))


benny777blaze Dope :) you have a lovely voice

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realjackjordan Norwich

benny777blaze @iamjackjordan whoah! You got a good voice mate. Sounds sick on that want to record a full track?

realjackjordan Hell yeah! Send it my way,

realjackjordan @benny777blaze I'm in the studio tonight wouldn't mind working on this tonight any chance for the beat email is in bio and in the comment above

benny777blaze @iamjackjordan sorry for the delay mate, its on way now. Expect an email from

zarahjones love your style!!

realjackjordan Still no email man everything okay?

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elph yesssssss big up fam!

nikimukhi Dope!

stash Woiiiii chilllllla yes boi

deadott sick flow!

foreignbeggars Yaooooo!!!! Ill guy

dsgryme Killed that flow bro

jhotrock Big up brother

chillman Yoooo big ups guys

verbt Yeeeeeah big up g

genghisdaze Love the flow

docskeng Dope, check my beats and follow me back g!

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9stop Salute brethren 7th God !!

benny777blaze @9stop blessings fam!

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creamy strings and fat snares


illuminative Nice g

djevidenz You from Essex too !? Ha haaa. What pat you from ?

benny777blaze I live in a village near Colchester mate, wherebouts you located?

djevidenz You didn't tag me. So I didn't see your message ^ I live in Brentwood. It's near Romford / Chelmsford. You should holla man.

benny777blaze @djevidenz safe, what you on? I got an mc on this track check it out. If you like it hit me up @ i check that inbox daily.

djevidenz I can't reach the link on here. But, just saying if you ever fancy coming for a music jam on the beats. Just holla

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melancholy downtempo number hear the full beat @


djevidenz Some wu ish