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Ben Williams

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kenjo Yeeeuh

bennyaves @kenjo I wanted to ask you about some vocals

kenjo @bennyaves anytime man!

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foreignbeggars Jumeirah

lrd 💥💥💥

tonyceasar Sick 👊👊

futurarhymez That. was. wicked!!✌🏼

bennyaves yes mate, this album was what got me into hip hop - big up!

benza Use to love this tune! It was all about the mad contrast between a 'happy go lucky' beat and this lyric about "rape,bugger n pillage the whole of ya mums village" haha SICK

drain16 Too cold ❄️❄️

nebula_beatz Good job dude !

koryus Good My Friend !!!

madengo #fassiesonblacktie 😂 #trulyvintage #respect🙌🏽

kyanites Let's collab

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30 Day Challenge - Day 14
I've been making a tune every day for 30 days and uploading it without fussing over quality & mixing etc... this was... read more


cashus 😱 lost my mind to this

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foreignbeggars Oooh might just have to hit this one

123diggy @foreignbeggars had to jump on it too 👊🏾

djevidenz Love it

raad 👊🔥💯

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raad Wow 🔥🏆

dsgryme Very talent miss, would love to hear you over some of my beats

bennyaves buttery tones!

bennyaves yo just clocked that we met at the bestival front room and my front room with reeps! we should record some goodness when you're next in london!

china_bowls Ah! I hadn't clocked either that it was you the Ben I have met in various living rooms happy coincidences!

china_bowls Definitely up for recording some stuff :)

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salegone_erki Really nice!

sicksixetbeats whats the chances of me doin something on this ?

sicksixetbeats @sicksixet

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Always Mad
Felt like picking up my guitar and starting something new! #jam #fuckyourbadvibesbro #tryingtostayhappyoverhere... read more


foreignbeggars Vibes 🔮

graziella 🙏🏽❤️😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

mrchisti So beautiful...🌞❤️😁

mcjumanji This 💯💯💯

phoebeirondread Jeheeze!

brooklynnstarr Love Eva

montymontana85 😍😍😍😍

nikimukhi Best!!

eightysix Yep

chesterp That was beautiful Eva really enjoyed it! Thank you ❤️

3mb4 nicee

evalazarus @foreignbeggars @graziella ❤️❤️❤️

evalazarus @mrchisti @mcjumanji ✌🏾️😁✌🏾 thank you!!

evalazarus @phoebeirondread thank you sis!! We gotta jam soon! 👀✌🏾️

evalazarus @Brooklynnstarr @montymontana85 big upppppp!!! ✌🏾️❤️

evalazarus @nikimukhi @eightysix Ayyyyyyy!! Thanks babz!!

evalazarus Hey!!! @chesterp Thank you so much!! 😃😃✌🏾️❤️

mcjumanji would legit want to lay a collab down with that voice @evalazarus

quantizemusic1 liveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

shadow If u can do more like that! I rate ur others but that was bang on! U should be makin crazy money real shit!

nebula_beatz coooooooolab =)

quantumatics Collab? I got a tune maybe

fionajane Bloomin' gorgeous

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