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Semantic UNO

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challis_uk Illy flows! Large ups

silverback Dope

earelevant The don semantic

mastersplinter Nice man

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challis_uk Yeah bro, big 16

bennyzenn @challis_uk let's make music

challis_uk hit me up yo

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hank_hiller Killed it man! Big up

challis_uk Yeah man noice

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foreignbeggars illi

00doylej01 Sick beat man

albarizza I am a fan x

jadehannah Hi i saw you're status on facebook. Im a female singer and would love to work with some people on backing or chorus in hip hop. Here's my you tube channel There is some where i'm singing and left the rest for an mc. Fair enough if this is not something you're looking for. peace :)

innatej Nice! Had to lay something on this