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Bess @bess's cover photo on Brapp.
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bess London


nikimukhi @bess @lrd

foreverdayseven Awesome!

mskal Huge voice @bess

User @badhabitz's avatar

quantumatics Whoosh

pyne Quality sounds brother

medikayshun That snare

maxyb Sick

skwidzilladsc MAAAAAATE

joeblow Had to drop to drop sum bars on it

dirtybuckle Groovy!

lepero darkkk i liked man ..goodd programacion

User @adibanti's avatar

bess I love this tune!! X

evalazarus Siiiiiiiick!!!

barryquango Excellent! Takes me back to 98

adibanti Thanks guys!

ck mate this is sick

ck can see you going far mate keep it up

gotsomemusic Really feeling the vocals

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Beat by djvadim
Juuuuuuust Jammin


nikimukhi So amazee

3mb4 jheez

newancients Wooooooooh!! Fyah burnin hot

sosouthern So sick

boombapfestival Smashed it

evalazarus @nikimukhi @embaone thanks bab!!!

evalazarus @sosouthern @boombapfestival aaaayyyy!!! Ta loves!! X

djvadim U should come back studio!!!

montymontana85 Spicy

boombapfestival We need to get you on stage at boom bap festival

evalazarus @djvadim it's gonna go down!!! January! Yaaaaaassss!

evalazarus @montymontana85 thank you

evalazarus @boombapfestival yessss!! That would be doooooope!! Let's make that happen!!

simpz1online bhum fusion x

kayesstee Going in don't stop

alivewithin So good!!

davebass dope!!!

tenbagbanditz This is fuckinG sickkk

ainaroxx Yes Yes.

indigo Wasaaaaah brrrraaaaap


g3nes12 Jheez... That voice is flames straight


_chillmode_ @evalazarus fresh.

rober Nice

rober Wery good

vlackmotor Cool! Hope u sing on my beats!!!

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just a little sumthin to listen or spit to.. ez


grillo Hot AF

fdot1 Fresh!!!

djevidenz Drums nice

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foreignbeggars Sick guys

motman Fireeeeee

blksn You fuckin kill it! Sick!

dharmonk_beats madness!

mrchisti Sick!!!

slowz Mad ting!


jackiebond dope!

jackiebond dope!

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nikimukhi Dubai

jyager @nikimukhi Bro all I'm is so G'd up

oozhe Sounds sick g!


bess Wicked!!


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bess Love it! Gonna do something on this with my gorgeous sista in a bit!

marston Production on this is so tight @novarflip love it

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After Show
Beat by shownprove
Just back from doing a wicked gig with #Love Nor Money. Wide away.... What to do?!!


foreignbeggars Bess you sexy ass bitch. U killed that



jyager That was dope ma

bess Thanx @jyager

kinzraps Jezusss

pravvyprav Yes!!!!

wilstar Ohhh yesss sweet voice

cobes @bess SKILLS!!!

lovenormoney Sister !!!!!!!

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

innatej Nice!!!

sizezero Sick!!!!

poopsidick Force from France !

jordantwin Wicked I love your vibe

deem tchek my beat

deem best voice and best flow i hear respect

_chillmode_ @bess love that voice.

dubdiggah Dope

casualness Sweet

ryandornan This is amazing

young40jim voice is amazing

kylenmusic Sick!

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nikimukhi Jumeirah Road

nikimukhi @dyna sup baby

dyna @nikimukhi @foreignbeggars Pow pow pow!!!!!

adibanti Live bars!!!!

skitz That fuckin made me laugh bro..

bess Yaya!!

tinks Brill-i-ant!! Made me smile, playing on repeat on my way home tonight. Love xx

troublebcn #jumeiraRdsquad


johaslett Ohhhhkay! love to nik! #foreignbeggars

johaslett Love this brapp!

adibanti There are plenty more beats where that cane from xx

elbs Haha pavvvvvvv

hoyx Best!

flack Fyahhh fam

User @cryptophone's avatar

cryptophone Don't worry @dwightprivilege he says he loves you too

nikimukhi Yes! Love

bess OMG tooo cute!

basista @cryptophone yeesss fam is natty up in this ??

cryptophone dunno @basista

basista @nattyspeaks u out there ? He loves u!

spaceplant AMAZING!!! Made My Day/Night/Year! I LOVE IT!!!

cryptophone haha wicked @spaceplant! Dudes got crazy natural flow, shoulda seen him smash it up with the beggars at secret solstice Iceland. And soz forgot to tag you, dope beat man

basista @crytophone Icey told me about his live set at Iceland!dope!

cryptophone Yehman @basista legendary shit! On the fb fb page