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Sergey Simonov Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia

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bmseka omg! so beautiful :))

kiki03 Optional("")@bmseka thank you!! really like your beats :)

dinerobeats Wow, amazing voice

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Showing my son that he needs brapp
Beat by bmseka
Frestyling just put my son on the spot


bmseka gj

dkthebarber62 Safe man

marston Love it bro, next gen, bless ups

nikimukhi Yesss

User @lordy's avatar

bmseka cool!

lordy @bmseka Thank you!

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bmseka good! so good!

marston Ty bro, your beats are superb, amazing stuff

nikimukhi Sick @marston @bmseka

marston Optional("")@nikimukhi tyvm means a lot , bless up

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bmseka i like it

marston Ty bro means a lot

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goodbrodatv Love family

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bmseka i like it! nice

officialadotone Optional("")@bmseka Appreciate it

officialadotone @bmseka appreciate it

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bigmungz Portsmouth

bmseka bro, so cool

bigmungz Optional("")@bmseka enjoyed writing to this


bigmungz Optional("")@dk9numba62 bless bruv thankyou

nikimukhi @bigmungz @bmseka

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bigmungz Portsmouth

dirtybuckle dope flow bro!

sonorous_ “I’m bad mad I’d walk in and screw the room... tell ya bird that she’s a slag that would screw the room”

bmseka very good bro!

bigmungz Optional("")@bmseka salute

bigmungz Optional("")@sonorous_ ru1 fam in the house! Blessings Bruv

bigmungz Optional("")@dirtybuckle respect bruv


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marston Nice

bmseka very good, look my profile bro

dkthebarber62 I’m feeling your instrumentals

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shotstoppa Love the feeling on ur beats! Gonna write suttin.

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crypmindbeats Dope

officialadotone Can you hmu I wanna do a full song to this Beat. Let me know details my email is