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raad oh shizzz

eightysix Takin the mic as usual . Hats off to ya Bobby love your music FREEL

dreagalaxy Wanted to give u my contact! x

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barz yes!!

lastdoghung You beauts...

drskn_ Oh shit, RUMCOM in the house!

dombele I'm jealous tbf. Big up @Danielson

r2dawizzo sweet freestylio session :)

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foreignbeggars Barking


djevidenz Big up cakes . That looks like the Stratford line

iomega Heavy

nonames Serious

strikez Barzzzzzz

nikkyg #brap sick

stretchmc Ooooooh knowledge is power yeah yeah

shotstoppa Big Cakes Big Bars Big Flames TRUTH

rexhuey Fuckin sick bruv

foreignbeggars @bigcakes

kyu_tracks BRAAAP

jnotes Diddy bar was cold

sweettoothinnit Cold vibe



grizzygram This is Real Big . Respex

normoddity Bad. On repeat

budzggg this is fucked

domin8tion Obviously

mimindme Hello please repost/watch my latest brapp video much appriciated! Thanks

normoddity Even in 2017

gold1ne CAKES!!

dinorecordz killer

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bobbytank @stretchmc so dope bro

stretchmc @bobbytank love your dynamic future shizz bro you know... So, can we try something brother? the whole poem is on soundcloud... Deeeep


yevad12 Ohh!

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yevad12 Niiiiice!


dreagalaxy Is this recordable too?

notlikethat No way!!

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Channeling - Engine-Earz (Brapp Edit)
As premiered on i-D magazine this week, this is the first peak of our new album "Symbol" forthcoming on Circus... read more



_oni killer track omg

charlie21486 This track is sick

nikimukhi Just amaze

elhawk Unreal..

elhawk Very smoothe.

eightysix Still sounding as beautiful as ever . LIVINATLEY one of the best things to grace my ears this lifetime

engineearz Thank you for the kind words people :)

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bobbytank Yoooo! Dopeness bro

thebreaks Yeaaaah Baby

dwebbmusic @bobbytank @thebreaks thanks yall!!

dwebbmusic Thanks to the folks at @brapp for making such a dope app!

kyu_tracks Dope!

dwebbmusic @kyu_tracks yo thanks!!

c_rodrigue_z Nice

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viciouscreep dope af

viciouscreep dope af

djevidenz Yeah man. Madlib / 9th wonder type vibe

bobbytank @viciouscreep thx bruh, been postin alotta silly loops from bak in 2008

bobbytank @djevidenz yeh 9ths flip of this sample is the best still...

djevidenz Oh I didn't even realise he did lol. Definitely sounds like something he would flip.

bobbytank @djevidenz rare as fukk