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@bpleased's cover photo on Brapp.
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Beat by gwop
some old lyrics i never used #hiphop #soul #singer


nikimukhi Incredible @maddyofficial and @gwop

maddymusicuk @nikimukhi thank you

pistu What has to happen fo me to work with u...I’m being serious...I’m just a man about and u on a track will be glory

maddymusicuk @pistu awww appreciate that I got so much on with my own music tho at the moment I can't do any collabs right now but thank you!!

pistu Optional("")@maddyofficial that’s I

pistu Optional("")@maddyofficial that’s fine no problem...u might wanna Check me out if possible tho...stay busy and blessings

bigshamu Some voice

gwop FLAMES !!! THANK YOU !!

maddymusicuk @gwop

pheobedoesit @maddyofficial your voice it great

magicboy Super chanteuse

brayday Kilt it

shafiullah Hi sweetheart

arthurking Hello

kdin Kaef!

lourans Hi

ray0 You voice is beautiful

mooshmillz Wow.. dope

joshuadavid Super dope! God bless you!

amstardan Dope

maccy1984 So lovely



wezzly_kane Jheeeeeez

wezzly_kane Your voice is incredible hit me up if u would ever be interested in a collab!!?

stevelouismusic This is beautiful

percyfilth Dope.

osirus Wow!

dudu Oi

itsjaydar Noiceee

hughesynumber1 Lovely voice and a nice relaxing vibe to the tune

smirks Would love to collab on a liquid D&B track if you're game?? Hit me on FB @ Jay Smirks or email

anasebrahem Love it

hollyflo Your voice is heaven babe

exist Repost my latest vid please

ogb Amazing vocal

mixeta You’re amazing

magamed Привет

marston Wow , yes girl now that’s the shhh , Brapp Brapp

amina Amazing

vados Давай вместе запишем что нибудь


shotstoppa Love your voice & lyrics are on point would be great to create a track together. Let me know if ur feeling it

mixeta LUSH

da_ruff_poet Sexy

risiko_mc OMG ... what a VOICE! Is there a way to collaborate? I’m from Italy and i’d love to have your voice in one of my tracks

tristandawood Do you have Instagram?

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Quick One
Beat by litework
Wrote these bars at musgrove hospital this morning #HipHop #BoomBap #Gentry #Gtown @BoomBapFestival


vard woi!!! Fuckin large

jayeff @vard You know how we do bruv

easyd @jayeff best on Brapp

jayeff @easyd wouldn't go that far but sound man

sterlingbeats big ups g im pretty local to where you are, hit me up if ur after any beats!

crtz Yes then

jayeff @sterlingbeats sounds good man, i'll be in touch

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genghisdaze This is killer!

sideb Jeeehzzzzzzzzzz


viciouscreep thats too much fam

mixeta can we collaborate and make a full track with this? Not sure how it works , I’m new. Check my track I did on this beat xx

marston Sick

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nikimukhi Sickkkk

evalazarus Jheeeeeez!

danger Certified!


clouddddd9 Real talent!

illinformed sick cuuzin!!

b3fambusiness Unreal man do your thing

kashmirs Heavy bro

mcsubliminal Smashed it as always bro! Check my put that soul on me freestyle!

skpropergeez My Don

sykotix SAFE

dhuz Brutal voice!!!!

orkeztra you're a monster mate!

alicemary That voice

ludwigvandub yeaa really niice voice brotha bless you

shacks U like my ting bro

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dosgringos Awesome

mojo wooo

kasandajulah Mad!

wesallen Lovely

mental_music Super smooth

eightysix LOVE THIS VIBE .

mczani Wooooioii

genghisdaze Ghost town baby

doncotti good stuff bruva

oab bangra

3000bass Biggup

eightysix Still the biggest sound on BRAPP

matrafle @kogzone

osirus wow...

osirus cant rate this enough..!

raad so good

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Why Not
Beat by lrd
Checkittt. been a long ting props to lrd for the beat


crossy Woiiii oiiiii!! This is largeeeee


doluxbeatz FEATURING GRO


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Enough in Abundance
can catch some of these beats performed on my MPC1000 on my Instagram account : djevidenz. Enjoy. #loops #chops... read more


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raad Vibes

genghisdaze Bless up @raad

sturje Large!!

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alphamemphis Queens


genghisdaze Blessed the beat G

machia FUEGO!

offcutt So sick alpha. Loving the vibe. Positive steez

raad yes yes

ankhara Cooool

kidblanco yess blud !

eightysix Music and lyrics gelling ..Sound like a song

kylenmusic You got flow bruh

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