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Brapp Records > Brapp Beat Tape 02 - Mixed by Westy

Brapp Beat Tape 02 - Mixed by Westy

Westy @westy

The Brapp Beat Tapes are a compilation of hand picked instrumentals curated and mixed by a guest DJ celebrating the thousands of producers sharing their work on Brapp everyday. All tracks featured are also on the Brapp platform for anyone to record on and be discovered.

Brapp Beat Tape Volume 2 - Mixed by Westy includes production from 32 acclaimed producers. Here's the track list:
1 Mix by Westy
2 District - Westy
3 Tab - J2S
4 Warped - Filthy Gearz
5 Krypton - Huffy
6 Ammunition - Pezmo
7 Dank Horizon - Lee Wrizzle
8 Eulogy - BOLUS
9 Room 13 - Detonator
10 Tetris - Spookzville
11 Disgraceful - Juxta
12 Medicine - Vagrant Real Estate
13 Slice n' Dice - Crossbreed
14 Consequence - Swarvalous
15 604 - A Class
16 Frosty - T Slicz
17 Jezebel - Darkz Makavelli
18 Method$ - HavokUK
19 Nintendo Switch - Riddla
20 8Bit - Midi Murder
21 New Era - Press
22 Grime Paradiso - Yanaku
23 Doctor - iDP
24 Change - Wigz
25 Soul Trap - Conscious Notes
26 Phantom - Alive
27 RY4 - Hoax
28 Lightwork - Huntabeats
29 Over You - L Star
30 Multiverse - Sticky Blood

Westy is one of the hottest new Grime producers on the block hailing from the east of England near Norwich.

He has worked with Prez T, Flirta D, Saskilla, Izzie Gibbs, Eyez, Kannan, Kamakaze, Tinchy Stryder, Mr Traumatik, Jammz, Devilman, and his music has featured on all major platforms such as BBC, SBTV, JDZ, Risky Roadz, Noisey, Vice, Channel 4, GRM, Link UP and more.

He has millions of views on YouTube and has received support from the country’s top DJ's such as Charlie Sloth, DJ target, DJ Logan Sama and Tim Westwood.
He also runs a Grime instrumental channel called 'Everyday Grime' where he showcases hot new production from both established and new artists every day.

Connect with him on Brapp at