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jyager This is dope g

dosgringos Nice bars feelin that

bro_quest @jyager; respect thanks for checkin in @dosgringos415; appreciated man

foreignbeggars On that camp lo flow

bro_quest @foreignbeggars; ha! #Luchini

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newancients Nice lines man! Lovin the desert back drop

bro_quest @newancients; appreciated!

epzmekanizm Fire!!

bro_quest @epzmekanizm; safe bro!

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nikimukhi Wussup Abu Dhabiiii!

bro_quest @nikimukhi; nothin to it but to do it

foreignbeggars Bars family!! Abu Dhabi reppin

bro_quest @foreignbeggars: much appreciated!

mrchisti Siiik!! Smashed it my brother ;)

bro_quest @mrchisti: thanks big T!

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mrchisti Yeeeaaah, go Quest!!

lowpitch Jheeeze man, killed it!

bro_quest @lowpitch; thanks for checkin in fam!

lowpitch Keep it up bro!

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