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Romantic bars
Beat by percyfilth
Written in 15 minutes. Learnt in 45. Thought I would schmooze all of yous with some romantic bars. #valentinesday... read more


percyfilth Haha Tilla. Dope.

percyfilth Love the ending.

btol They don't know about these lungs bruv @percyfilth

maceymonei 👉💥

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Singing symphonies to sycophants
Beat by starseedbeats
Liked how the bars sat on the strings of this one...


nikimukhi 🔥🔥

shawgz 🙌🏼

btol Thank you @nikimukhi and @shawgz 👊🏻

starseedbeats You kill it ! Thx to use my beat, I'm really thankful

btol Big ups @starseedbeats!

starseedbeats @btol are you interested by get the complete beat ?

dirtybuckle Killed it bruv!

btol Cheers @dirtybuckle! @starseedbeats I'm not really recording ATM to be honest with you!

jdanproductions Rahhhh 💯💯💯😫😫👏👏 Too ill

starseedbeats @btol no probs man :)

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Us or Them.
Beat by percyfilth
Brap 2. On the way to work CONSHUZ BARZ.


evalazarus 😁😁😁😁Yezzzzz

percyfilth Waheeey.

btol Cheers fams.

btol @percyfilth @evalazarus

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First brap
Beat by bobair
Bobair beat. Something I wrote just now. Cheerzen.


vicebeats Good to see you here man!

btol Thank you sir!

kyu_tracks 👌