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Buda Bap Chicago, IL, USA

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nuriel Exeter

budabapbeats Ay! You ok mang? Haha. Sounds like an angry break up.

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spyrosio very nice

madeleinewood nice

raad Fresh 👊

bahia Who are u????

dotgotbeats Dope

djharrylove @bahia thats an odd question

bahia @djharrylove wasn't a question it was more like "wow ur talented"

djharrylove @bahia ahh. thank you 🤜

muckyminor Just jumped on this beat! Sent you a email too. This beat is 👊🏾 haarrddd well done bro @djharrylove

mercilessanimi I had to put something down to this bro #Levels

rhymeskeemz 50 ways

rhymeskeemz So dope

rustyjoints So SOLID

alleydarklight magifique

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budabapbeats Ay cheers man 👊

thatkidilla Ty all x

thatkidilla @budabapbeats beats doppeeee

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budabapbeats Chicago
User @budabapbeats's avatar
budabapbeats Chicago
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goodbrodatv Embassy Suites by Hilton Little Rock

tywhite 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

budabapbeats Smooth bro. I felt that one 👊

goodbrodatv @budabapbeats the beat sings in my soul broda you got a lot of soul family! Love

goodbrodatv @tywhite 💯💯💯💯💯

bl4ckp4rk Keep it up😉👏🏿

goodbrodatv @bl4ckp4rk fasho salute Fla family

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budabapbeats Chicago
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budabapbeats Chicago
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budabapbeats Chicago

mrgolden1 Smooth AF

budabapbeats Cheers. I like it wonky and chill.

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budabapbeats Chicago

mrgolden1 Love it man

budabapbeats Cheers bro 👊

mrgolden1 Cheers Bro.. I definitely got some heat for your beats.. Soon come soon

budabapbeats I look forward to it 🙏

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budabapbeats Chicago