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hollyflo @elph

djshorty79 Dope! Good luck!

shayd Done!

hollyflo @efex

hollyflo @elph sick beat

hollyflo @cloudy @efex you were there when someone called an abulaaance

hollyflo Thank you @shorty79 @shayd xx

elph yeahhhhh big upppppppppp

harvsletoad Yh niceeee

efexuk Dope!

vicebeats Yes holly! This is dope x

offcutt Sickness Holly Yes-i

joeshire here arise the new queen of brapp - big up

chesterp Nice one holly X

hollyflo Tanks a mil you lut

hollyflo @chesterp ah thanks x

misscmcdj Yes! Love it! Wicked lyrics! Beautiful voice and on point flow! Go girl! Hair looks great too!

bahia Love ur voice

hazelkari yes yes !

elph just re-appreciating how sick this is

hollyflo Saaaafe guys

foreignbeggars super

foreignbeggars super

bigsmokinjoe proper dope

evalazarus Fire!!

physiks wicked! lovely singing at the end too.

ladysanity Vibesss!

mysteryc Wicked!!!!

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.


mckoutbiggaman cute... ;)

mckoutbiggaman cute... ;)

djside good vibes

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mrchisti So sik!!


aemzo Sick


mrconcept Sick flow

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thaprofessional straaaaight slazzzz

djoserpharaoh YuuuuuM!

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Got em Showing love above
Beat by lastdoghung
Huge respect to @lastdoghung on this banger!!! So chilled love it!! vibezing to this one hope alls well my man been... read more


lastdoghung Good to have you back bruv Dope barz as usual!!

futurarhymez Thankyou brothermissed too many heaters of yours!!! So expect many more

illuminative Real shit on the drug talk big ups

futurarhymez Bless man really appreciate the feedback g glad ya feeling the bars!we need to work dude think we'd make some dope music!!!

klandestyne sharps barz rhyme :)

futurarhymez Thanks glad you like them so happy with this one

futurarhymez @klandestyne

olmanestocolmo This is god bro. You got skill.

futurarhymez @olmanestocolmo wow I appreciate that bro glad you like it! most awesome comment on here yet big love back out to you man

budhoundz @futurarhymez Yo G this is sick, I got your email the other day, let me know what you think would work best. Safe

futurarhymez @kryptic3 Bless bro repsect for that man glad ya liking the new bars G! :) will hit you up on facebook man deffo have to get suttin poppin ! :)

elhawk Dope

futurarhymez bless @elhawk glad you think so man! :)

mxu That’s dope man ! Waiting to hear a freestyle on one of my beats now a

josiff WHAT IS THIS BEAT?! I need it

josiff This is nice tho man

futurarhymez Yes bro straight up so frikkin heavy ! As for that yeah just do a lil suttin on here and take it from there :) this is what this app is all about maynn @josiff

futurarhymez @mxu appreciate the love and cool comment man fo sho I’ll be visiting some soon

futurarhymez @josiff appreciate that man glad you enjoyed listening :) some new stuff coming real soon g

lordy Good to see there’s another west mids rapper on here! .. keep up the good work brother

futurarhymez Optional("")@lordy yo respect on the follow glad your feeling the lyrics too! Oh dunna worry bout that boss will do appreciate the support bud!

raad Dope sound

futurarhymez Optional("")@raad yoo respec on the support glad ya enjoyed it!

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thaprofessional SLAZZY 94S

gold1ne Mad!

jimscreechy fuckin with that rare groove shit all day!!!

jayprophit Classics all day.

illuminative ill producer


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raad its just gets better and better

larry i was trying to channel terminator.. DARKSIDE T

larry i fucked up here and there

djisgod damn

larry check the youtube 1m

newancients Haha yeah dope af


mimindme Hello please repost/watch my latest brapp video much appriciated! Thanks

budhoundz Yoooo so dope man

nebula_beatz hahaha

mimindme This is so funny ahahaha big upp

offcutt SICK Big ups. love the video


quantumatics Hahaha dope!

sirautumngrey Next Level

djoserpharaoh I fuckin love this lmao! #Dope


marston Wordplay is unreal

eratticrecords Sick rap bro like your style You mite like some of my beats

eratticrecords Nice flow bro like you style you mite like some of my beats

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blou niiiiice

illuminative Real smooth G

User @budhoundz's avatar

duggibeats HARD BARS!

equalmeasure Heavy!!