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Sam Casa Blanca

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Beat by casablanca
Big up @Casablanca it was raining outside and I wanted to get funky


retro Nice Ash...respect RETRO

ashtheauthor Big up for the repost @brapp


ashtheauthor @whosgotbarzuk go for it

percyfilth Nooice

ashtheauthor @percyfilth big up g

bizthedopepoet That was tasty as fuck man

jaffee shit fire bro didn't know Europeans could spit like that salute

ashtheauthor @jaffee respect!

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User @casablanca's avatar

Simple Shit
Smile while you rap to this


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User @casablanca's avatar

foreignbeggars Illi

casablanca @foreignbeggars yoo, much love!

dharmonk_beats ill yo!!

casablanca @djdharmonk safe maayn!

eureka Feelin this

saulthesame me 2 bruh... me 2. beat bangs

casablanca @eureka @saulxl safe guys, appreciate it

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jakaboski Shouts to Caseyjones on the beat

casablanca Nice mate!!

illiterate_ fucking ill

foreignbeggars oh shiiit.. hahaha on point!!

eightysix WORDS

hank_hiller Banger!

genghisdaze ill as

b3fambusiness Big

unbalanced love this

mczani Jeeez

harvsletoad Don

sonnyjim Sick

mrslipz Yea yo!


azlan delicious

illuminative Dope

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Patterns In The Waves
Beat by casablanca
Hip hop concept of thought team dreebs UK awfer rap


casablanca Killed it!!

genghisdaze Damn

fordz been waitin for some CoT on brapp

innatej That was sick

saulthesame Wooh!

datavelli Gully

dosgringos Dope

grillo yass

epzmekanizm Dopeness!

doncotti You are really good bruva

prysds Heavy as furk bro

oab nie nie!

mrslipz Yes killa

illuminative So fucking ill

User @casablanca's avatar


joeshire Too much this is mate words are flying out

luckylex Sick Beat Man... Big Up ! Peace

lowpitch Jheeeze

casablanca @saulxl @joeshire @luckylex @lowpitch saaaaafe!

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Mary's Fuckin' Poppin'
Someone spit something dope on this #motheatenwisdom


vard Jheeeze

awfer_cot This is naughty.. Gonna lay something down on this at some point

casablanca @awfercot safe man, looking forward to that!

casablanca @slugman cheers bro

jonnydrillz Gonna lay a ting down on this now. Big riddum

casablanca @jonnydrillz big up man, killed it

jonnydrillz Respect

User @casablanca's avatar

vard Heavy shit!!

casablanca #vard Big up man!

genghisdaze damn that's fat!

casablanca @genghisdaze glad you're feelin it!

gramsofdroe This must have April O'Neil gushing!

casablanca @skrips yes mate! hahaha

ashtheauthor Urgh this beat is overly huge

casablanca @ashtheauthor big up mayn!

illuminative So fucking ill dope producer