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Shea Challis

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djevidenz Sounds like a classic anthem . Rawkus style

shotstoppa Going hard bruvva!!!

mastersplinter Shitttttt man this is pure heavyness

newancients Damn Challis! Another sick one! MAD UPS!

challis_uk Respect @djevidenz @shotstoppa @mastersplinter @newancients

eightysix Classic

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Pre Work Session
Little mess about before work. MCs do yo thang!


eightysix This app needs a loop it option @foreignbeggers so I don't have play this banger over and over when Vibzin to it

latenightkungfu Yes.

karm_one banger!

shotstoppa Deep vibe

dsgryme mos def @eightysix

eightysix Low and behold @dsgryme they made it happen /BRAPPEN

nook soundin illll!

mastersplinter Madness

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Flesh & Blood
Flip of the man like Solly Burke


bennyzenn YESS!

adibanti Uh. What a joy to listen to! Respect!

oab Nice !

challis_uk Big ups @missmiakang @adibanti @oab

mastersplinter Bro your a fucking don at this beat shit

mastersplinter This beat for sale by any chance? Shits stil

mastersplinter Still heavy

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skillmitchell Yes!

mojo ©

challis_uk Big ups @skillmitchell @moj

challis_uk Safe @hollyflo good to meet you too, your set was real nice. Big ups!



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jyager Love this....

hank_hiller Yeahh nice crackle

weztax Big, loving this

challis_uk Big ups @jyager @hank_hiller @weztax

oab Bingin!

illuminative G big beat

User @challis_uk's avatar

skitz Yes mate big up!

foreignbeggars @zetakay

challis_uk Safe @skitz @foreignbeggars

latenightkungfu Those horns are perfect.

challis_uk Hold tight Terry... @terrywagwan

oab deadly

hollyflo STOP IY