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United Kingdom

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jackiebond Denver

Satan came for my soul, and left empty handed...
Beat by charlieb


charlieb Yes Mate!

mrchisti Fuck yeah!!!!

abumusa Love it when another mc makes me wanna flow

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bigmungz Portsmouth

Devils in the details
Beat by charlieb
Little run through for a track coming soon produced by Charlie B


charlieb Sounding good mate.



monstermatt Dope! Lyrics of truth!!!

monstermatt I wanna hear the rest of this rhyme ... on some global agenda knowledge...

abumusa Made me make that stank face it’s that dope

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kusht Newcastle upon Tyne

logan This is sick

kusht Thanks Logan!


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kusht Newcastle upon Tyne

charlieb Yeah mate. If you wanna put something down on it I’ll send you the beat.

kusht Kushtsevengram@gmail@com Sounds good to me brother! You got YouTube I’m doing a compilation video every week as well

legion89 Damn boiiiiii, this is fire . I need to get my head out the shrouds

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charlieb Yeah.

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mcase Bishop's Stortford

Lord of Your Manor?
Beat by charlieb
#uk #brapp or


charlieb @mcase I key your furniture and fake wood flooring nice one.

mcase Bro, haha, ‘IKEA furniture and fake wood flooring!’.... I totally should have said I’d ‘key’ it haha cheers man

charlieb Ah yeah. Ikea works better

charlieb @mcase ah yeah ikea works better.

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bigmungz Portsmouth

charlieb Yeah mate. Let me know if you want to record some bars on it proper.

bigmungz Would love to drop some bars on this. My emails -

mcase Fucking... Fire

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