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United Kingdom

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mcase Bishop's Stortford

Lord of Your Manor?
Beat by charlieb
#uk #brapp or


charlieb @mcase I key your furniture and fake wood flooring nice one.

mcase Bro, haha, ‘IKEA furniture and fake wood flooring!’.... I totally should have said I’d ‘key’ it haha cheers man

charlieb Ah yeah. Ikea works better

charlieb @mcase ah yeah ikea works better.

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bigmungz Portsmouth

charlieb Yeah mate. Let me know if you want to record some bars on it proper.

bigmungz Would love to drop some bars on this. My emails -

mcase Fucking... Fire

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madhu Puebla

No me fui (I wasnt gone)
Beat by charlieb
Please share, i know theres not many spanish speaking brappers but i hope you enjoy the flow. Awesome beat. #rap... read more


charlieb Nice one

madhu How much for the beat amigo?

charlieb What’s your email address?


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madhu How can I purchase the beat bro?

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lucianitatt I like this beat

lucianitatt Can you send me the whole beat

jackiebond Yo...this beat is fucking tight AF!

jackiebond Cot damn!

jackiebond ...this one also will be outlined in chalk soon.

charlieb @jackiebond looking forward to it

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lethaldave London

charlieb Nice one mate.

lethaldave @charlieb bless up bro! Nice beat

djevidenz Big up bro

lethaldave @djevidenz safe bruv!