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bigs Yes bro hard as fuck, seen in your bio you’re Southwest aswell.. check out my latest upload if you’ve got a minute

gwop CRAZY FAM !

chatta87 Thank you my Gs much love

belushieyopez You gassed this bruh. Keep it up. I’ll let you know when I record something so I can send it to you. We need to collab fasho.

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oski Great job love your voice

michelleward Got to play your music out your fab x

shotstoppa Brutal truth

quantumatics Real nice

fionajane @oski thanks man!

fionajane @shotstoppa yo!

shotstoppa Yo! I never got that collab done. Life went on a madness. Up for it still tho.

alphamemphis You are so dope!!!

mckillerpagan Pure

thesoulsinger Vocals are

fionajane @shotstoppa Know what you mean. Yeah keen.

dirtyfreud love this mate how do i get in touch

belushieyopez Yeah this is dope

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zarahjones Love this!

chatta87 Holy moly love this!! Can't wait to get more work In!!

michelleward Great vocal. Original x

fionajane @chatta87 @zarahjones thanks miss!

fionajane @chatta87 yaaaaaaas!

fionajane @michelleward ta very much! X


chatta87 Absolutely amazing and it been a pleasure working with you!! Looking forward to future tracks!!

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fionajane Bangarang

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chatta87 Exeter

First brapp in a while as ive had no iphone
Beat by gwop
This verse is taken from my track thinking out load



gwop dope son !!!

chatta87 Much love more to come soon

belushieyopez Ok. I feel the vibes bro