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nikimukhi Heavyy

lrd Yeah. Sick

lastdoghung Bars

eightysix BIG

retro Dope

docskeng this is dope bro, check my beats and follow me back!

oozhe Gee!!!

hollyflo Bars for days...

geebag Dun dun dun dun @oozhe

geebag Got them big chocolate bars for you @hollyflo

begalot Smooooooth boi

geebag Safe people, now go for yours cos I went for mine!

raad legit

geebag Respect Themealicious!! Big up @raad

honeylarochelle Wow. U got barz

geebag I still on Facebook? @themez

geebag U I meant

geebag Thanx @honeylarochelle I'm sure you got something too

illinformed fiyyyaahh!

geebag @illinformed it's a nice beat B! Safe for the repost

monstermatt Nice written!

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shanetrypz Wicked bro.

afrodancapo Thank man @shanetrypz

miccalibre Barz!

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vard Woi oi killed it man

saulthesame That dribble at the end is g

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

kyu_tracks Dope!

quantumatics Dope, good setting too

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MRC #1 // Joe Shire
Moon runners collective brings you there first video featuring rapper and fellow braptavist, joeshire live in... read more


jayeff Ahaaa jheeeze bruvva @joeshire

oab i hope you put some change in the pot !

joeshire @oab bought the album G! $10 to the cause

oab thanks My diggy!

oab @joeshire

eightysix BIG

kyu_tracks Sick! MRC!!!

mowgli_beats dope


marston That’s dope

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jazzychavo support the street musicians! peace!

jazzychavo support the street musicians! peace!

witnessmc fuuuck!! killed it bruv


slowz Love that! Nice1 g

budhoundz Daaaaamn, killing it

shayd So sick

raad this is soooo sick!

ptredeyez Too much man

rebelaca Fucking amazing ... Nice on sir

simonsez Great:)

quantumatics Ha... Dope

mskal monsterz.....

geebag Heavy

geebag Did you give them some money?

mcprincewayne Can't stop playing this braap!

hans2g Ca déchire ton délire mec!!

wrdy Bad boy

vicebeats Ridiculously dope as ever man! Damn!

colateral wow

docskeng Fire!! Check my beats and follow me back g

taemintekken Good job bro, check my beat I hope you'll like it

westyproducy sickkkkkk

djlethalskillz Salute!


kingtwin Sick bruva

nikimukhi So sick every time!!

garage Jhhhheeeeez

iconbeats Heavy

krang Yo this is proper illy

andsamlad Had to follow after this! Absolute skill

copiusbeats King

maceymonei Killed itand on

docskeng Going in g, massive respect to you and Shay, check my beats if you can g

martinzbeats Amazing bro!

gold1ne Live AND Direct!!

axpmp Check out my beats this is fire

beatcotheque so good!!

zonebeats Dope

notesproducer got the vibes! great flow

djvarda Wow!

budabapbeats Nuts....


g0n3 Very well bruv

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ezragraymusic yee

madengo #whoooop


ahurumazda Heatery

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foreignbeggars G.. What's up with the upside down vids.. The latest version has a rotate option.. Zooop

lrd Crazy! Killed it brother.

konnykon @foreignbeggars I rotated it to hopefully get some gigs in Australia

geebag Ha ha!! Proper underground @konnykon

djcharocks Sound like polyphonic ringtones!

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lrd Sick

vard Buh

jayeff @saulthesame @joeshire the dynamic duo! This is heat

mattylicorice x10

grimeviolinist Lush lyrics

joeshire @lrd @vard @jayeff @grimeviolinist nice one big upp! Haha yes @jayeff, safe hombre


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lrd Dope


budhoundz Killing it

dosgringos You are too ill Bruv! Serious!

genghisdaze That was big!!! blessed that beat

kyu_tracks Too sick!

slowz That rooms looking spiritual! Big up

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mika_realist Thank you bro! Very good freestyle

indexindo Dope beat g!!

foreignbeggars Fuckin DOPE

djivan6 ill.

quantumatics Dope

kidjose BARS


ashbradable Nice bro

kyu_tracks Dope!

b_clever brother as always

raad dope

krafty Dope!

pjc47 Mad skills

elaymusic Going in!!

ludwigvandub great

beatcotheque These rhymes

indexindo @mika_realist yo bruva I know this was a long time ago but did u ever use that beat for anything official?

mika_realist Yes, I have always this beat for a track, send me your email!

indexindo @mika_realist bless up brother!!

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Dat Tuesday Shit
Joe Shire & Saul The Same/7thDown Beat by 7thDown un extracted on FL #hiphop #dts #427


vard Large

harvsletoad Nang


fordz gully

mrconcept Nice

docskeng Going in, check my beats

joeshire Check dis ish baz @illiterate_

illiterate_ Super ill. Mentos and compost

moraless Yesssss Gs!!!!!

mattylicorice 7thDown crew. Shout out to my girl tam chillin between ya

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kaligrafi *big up remulak

kaligrafi @remulak


pesh Congrats from France. Bouyaaaaa

joeshire 'Engulfing the space station' echoed in my mind during the gap... - BIG UP akeezy

jazzychavo dopeness! beat rhymes and flows! the hole pack! ayeee

remulak @kaligrafi Big up ! killed it

slowz Sick g

miccalibre Sick!

sizezero Harrrrrrrd

lowlife Big bars!!

chazaap Boom

eightysix Fhukin DON ! . Not just rhymes for rhyme sake . PROPPA storyboard BIG

kaligrafi @eightysix many thanks g, Big up for listening!

grjoemusic Story time there fam I like the new world order going on in there in a spiritual guy myself chek me out g

ruderalis Dope ish brv

mrconcept You remind me of The Planets.