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Day 7. Beat 7.


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The Street
Day 9. Beat 9.


foreignbeggars Boomsen

zico Well chill

zico Wish my phone wasn't so glitchy or I'd record one on this

fredmerky This Is sick

raad Dope

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Westy - Goodwin DNZ
Uploading a beat a day until Christmas day ENOJY Twitter - @IsDatYouYeah


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raad holy smokes

sonnyduke Dope !

elhawk Bananas

dirtybuckle Dope!!!

cyphercircuit Damn Girl!

killmiami Sick! Whats your email?

prodprophets love it

russ Cheeeeezus

da_ruff_poet Feeling that nice work!

mutare_music Tiight

billy_pielgrzym Nice!!!

mr got that old Wu Tang vibe

antidot3 @grimeviolinist dope! Lets work

alphamemphis this is wild dope! would love to work on a track with you

lepero deamm

thingy love this!

microdotcotton So sick!

aziegotbeats This is sick, how do i get in contact for some samples?

grimeviolinist Optional("Optional(\"\")@killmiami sorry long reply didn't go on here 4 yrs lol

grimeviolinist Optional("")@alphamemphis email me

grimeviolinist Optional("")@aziegotbeats heyy, email me

grimeviolinist Optional("")@antidot3 email me


jeaniusbeats This is hot!

mikewordz check out the finished track

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nikimukhi Dubai

lrd Yessssss


iamsaintpaul @nikimukhi @lrd i need to vocal this version it's fucking sick!!!!

iamsaintpaul @niko@ukhi are u on facebook? Need to connect with you i could use you for session work on songs if possible?

nikimukhi Hey bro @iamsaintpaul yeah man you should find me if you search Niki Mukhi


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charlie21486 #brapp_tv @brapp_tv

charlie21486 @nebula-beatz

charlie21486 @nebula_beatz

nebula_beatz Yo bruh fire on it !!!

charlie21486 @nebula_beatz thanks bro


charlie21486 @reed thanks bro

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charlie21486 @brapp #brapp @brapptv #brapptv #brappfestival

charlie21486 @engineearz #engineearz @cheddart

charlie21486 @boombapfestivalR2

charlie21486 #boombapfestivalR2

cheddar Real

charlie21486 @cheddart safe g need to link up

charlie21486 @brappofficial @brappTv

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charlie21486 @boombapfestival

charlie21486 @engineearz #engineerarz

charlie21486 @engineearz #engineearz thanks for the repost bro

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nikimukhi London

eightysix Exactly

deadott noice!

cheddar Check out my new upload bro much appreciated

nikimukhi @eightysix @deadott @cheddart @loudmoutmelvin @nephilim @gizmo big love you guys!

newancients Das wassup bro

diligentfingers Beautiful

nikimukhi Thank you!! @diligentfingers @newancients Happyyy New Year!

sofaking Lovely


nikimukhi Big up @eightysix spreading the vibes. And @sofaking (big name) @quantumatics @gi3mo !!

nikimukhi Thanks!! @zlw

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Jet Lag Frees
Beat by jaisu
Late night harmonics and slide jam on this ridiculous @jaisu funk #slide #guitar #funk


cheddar I'd love to rap over the beat and guitar

nikimukhi Big up @cheddart

nikimukhi @bullfunkzoo x

jaisu sick bro!

b_clever That sounds sick bro

oozhe Yesssssssss

nikimukhi Thanks guys!! @jaisu @b_clever @oozhe glad you're feeling it!! Love this beat loads

newancients Freakin amazing niki!! Keep it up bro

jfield This is nice man!

eightysix Cheddaart said what I been thinkin too for a while . Interlinked brapplin @nikimukhi usual standard of stringpullin excellence #harmonyslide

slowz Nice 1 man, that was hella cold!

grillo So cool

nikimukhi Big up you guys!! @newancients @gauk @eightysix @shadow @grillo @hirollabeats Dons!

jfield Bless homie!

quantizemusic1 harrrrddddddddd

nikimukhi Thanks!!! @quantizemusic1

quantumatics Dayum

keiosxlek daaaammmnn sample de la FF marginal music !!!

shubzmusic fire

nikimukhi Thank you guys for the !! @quantumatics @keiosxlek @shubzmusic @moonsidesound @loddzilla

dsgryme Crazy DM me on insta @dsgryme lets work!

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

incursive Nasty

dtaeallday Finesse god

nikimukhi @dtaeallday @incursive @jagan @dsgryme thank you guys!!

djoserpharaoh NICE!

evon Always vibzin to ya vibez

nikimukhi Hey thank you!! @evon @djoserpharaoh


nikimukhi @beatsbyproctor thank you!!

aemzo Jheeeeeezzzzzz

nikimukhi @4evablessed thank yous!!