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foreignbeggars so good

raad Real nice 💯

alphamemphis Omg 😲 you are so good

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nick8 didnt know you done this one, keep it up man i think there wicked!

cheee Safe man, cheers for the support!

bmseka very good!

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Beat by challis_uk
My first time putting lyrics to a beat. Only been writing for a month and do it as a hobby. Any criticism welcome! 👊🏻



cheee Cheers man!! Don't know what went wrong with my camera though.

deadott nice bars bro keep at it!

cheee @deadott thanks for the support man.

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cheee Flow on point!

huskybeats I agree with @cheee but also this is some deep stuff

gauk Cheers lads, glad you're feeling it

huskybeats What you saying @gauk wanna jump on the full track

gauk @mazekidbeats yeah maybe so fam, does it have a chorus on it etc?

huskybeats @gauk not atm I'm looking for someone to vocal the hook though

gauk @mazekidbeats there are a few singers that are alright on here still, I would look but I'm currently in the woods in the rain by a fire, Internet isn't great here lol

huskybeats @gauk it's cool I'll try get a hook