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Chris Munky

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chrismunky @4evablessed - you got any words?

chrismunky @fernquest - what you got?

chrismunky @jennaG whay you saying?

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chrismunky @nikimukhi - would love to get some guitar down on some of these hip hop beats if you keen?

nikimukhi Yo!! Yeah man, send me something and once I'm set up I'll try vibe on it

hemi mean beat munky

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Kroomen & Chris Munky - Bonfire Dub
halftime grimey bonfire brapp chrismunkybeats kroomen


chrismunky @foreign beggars

chrismunky @foreignbeggars what you saying?

chrismunky @fernquest - what you got?

chrismunky @illaman got rhymes?!

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funk grime bristol uk brapptv


nikimukhi This is mad!!

chrismunky Cheers Niki! Big up for the love family

djvadim Sick!!!!


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Chris Munky - The Good Crack
grime steppa dutty uk brapptv bristol chrismunkybeats


iamsaintpaul @chrismunky mad beat...

chrismunky Big up the listeners on this. Let's hear some more flows

erbal ARD

krupa Munky boiiiiiii

chrismunky Yup yup! Cheers for the listens. More rhymes!!!! Let's go :)

kermit fire!

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monotoneofmls Wait till later when I post my video with lyrics

chrismunky @monotoneofmls looking forward to it :)

krupa Yes Chris. @chrismunky Got some new stuff to send you. With Fernquest and Eaton. Something for the ear lobes

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minx Fire

chrismunky @minx - would lve to hear some bars!

minx Aight on it

chrismunky yes gurl :)

sturje @chrismunky