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Chrome & Black London @chromeandblack's cover photo on Brapp.
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disguys Cool place just where Redchurch St meets Bethnal Green Rd, right right?

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letmango Waveyyyyyyy

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joecain Yes Yan! Bad Man!


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hank_hiller Haha yeah!

gizmo Sick

sosouthern Sick new concept for brapp, you absolute G


evalazarus Yassss hunty! This is the one!!! I wanna see some more writers up in here on this 1 minute dub challenge! Boss movements!

jyager Trust me where's all my graffers at!!!

graziella Tooooo sick!!!

joecain Buy buy Instagram!!

chromeandblack Yes yes!

leafdog sick mans gona have to get on that still

rogueethic YOU AINT REDY

foreignbeggars @rogueethic come then!!

foreignbeggars @divign

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Chrome & Black!
Beat by wolfxsnake
Longest running graff shop in London. Run by writers for writers #chromeandblack #chromeandblacklondon


nikimukhi @raad