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Jon Morganti North Canton, OH, USA

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Beat by timeoutbeats
This a dope beat im jus spittin sum of my reality #hiphop #reallife #dope


timeoutbeats Appreciate it man! You killed it much love for jumping on the beat

neighborhoodsip @timeoutbeats hell ya right on bro..dope ass beat

neighborhoodsip @clinic

clinic Shit was bruh. @neighborhoodsip

neighborhoodsip @clinic goodlookin brody

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muon This is hard brother. Suss my tracks, your flow would suit my boom bap shit


quantumatics Dope

djevidenz Flames

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uno @neighborhoodsip gang gang

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cp3pobox Denver

nepaul @cp3pobox sup dog!

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All jokes aside
Beat by shownprove
Ridin through my city


clinic as always @uno

uno @clinic thanks sir

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xpliss New Jersey

optimusrhymes Loved it more like this

gwop FLAMES FAM !!!

monstermatt Written rhyme? Dope!

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xpliss New Jersey

It’s Sunny
Beat by gwop
The brapp debut.


clinic @xpliss that was dope bruh

nepaul @monstermatt peep my boy XP!

gwop dope son !!!

channey What's the beaaat

xpliss @channey It’s called don’t trip by @gwop. I think if you click the link where it says “beat by” it will show you but I’m still fairly new.

xpliss @clinic @nepaul @gwop Appreciate y’all! I still need to explore the beat selection here.

optimusrhymes Welcome.

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vers Amsterdam

deadott Nice one bruvva!!

vers @deadott beat is too much man

quantumatics Sick


cunch Flames

vers @cunch

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nepaul @monstermatt this another one of my guys. Peep!

monstermatt Oooooohhhhh I can dig this !!!

nepaul @clinic nice one dude! Glad you setup and account! Way different than BA but a fun place to rock over indie beats.

clinic I’m liking this app @nepaul

nepaul @clinic me too. Just wish there were more active users. Still awesome tho

clinic Yea no drama like battle app just a cypher app I like that a lot better @nepaul thanks again bro

deadott dope!!!