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Connor Jones

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Beat by jayorient
Ima use all these forgotten verses to remind y'all I can still rap haha @brapp @foreignbeggars @mphazes #hiphop... read more


connorjones @calcifer yes cunt so glad you're here

jayorient Aye! Killed it bruh

connorjones @jayorient one love homie! Appreciate it

slowz Bro! That was crazy! Nice1

helzs You fuckin rock

deem dope flow

connorjones @shadow @helzs @deem thanks homies

helzs Check my beat could be fun!

keiosxlek crazyyy floooww ... Nice !!

b_clever @connorjones bro, flows are heavy. Feel free to bless a beat of mine

chylez Very nice bro, you killed it, maybe one day on one of my beats

smugglermc Freak

User @connorjones's avatar

The new trap anthem of california. Fux witchya boi @brapptag @brapp @mphazes #westcoast #trap #boombap #boomtrap... read more


connorjones @hirollabeats - You got bars son? I graced yo fiyah now its time for you to respond ;) haha

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danieldan Big ups!

connorjones @danieldan thanks homie

barzovcharlie Went in


joeshire Fire Flow!

connorjones @barzovcharlie @quantumatics @joeshire YALL THE REAL MVPs

lukefluency Bringin dem skillz

jfield Genuinely thought it was Ozzy Osbourne from the thumbnail lol

smugglermc Holy shit

renan1017 Full auto flow!

User @foreignbeggars's avatar
foreignbeggars Bondi Beach

twoface NICE

datavelli Dope g. Bonds beach as well. Mad jealous right now, its not warm here...

vard Living the dream

stretchmc Too strong hold tight breddrin

offtgrid Killed it! Love your work

hannibal This is dope as fuck

jbtunes Nice dude Perfect day, smooth bars

danieldan So good the sun shine in lovely #Australia matches the @MPhazes beat so nice!

eightysix The bondi bandoor


psyke Triple Double stat line OV!


lindenjay dat selfie stick life

keiosxlek it's soooo gooood so freshh broo

fromthesoul1990 Nice! Drop by my profile and check my beat bro

koryus StylΓ© !!

djevidenz Sick

jaysu Biiiiiiim! #dope

mskal big uppp

cecilmcfarrell I wanna like this vid but the inner bitterness due to fact that your on bondi beach makes it hard to. SSOO JEALOUS PAV. BIG UPS MAN

tamara Badass

cyphercircuit Great, just great

ludwigvandub real freestyler

jimscreechy hahaaa!!! Vet status!! light work brudda...summer vibes early reach!!!

jayprophit flow!

thingy Sun ...shiiinnnning!!

User @datavelli's avatar

jaykonis Flows on point bruv


datavelli #deltabravokilo #dolebenefitklaimerz #drunkenbunchakuntz #dontbumkidz #dobunkronik #dontbotherkid

dosgringos Kill every beat!!'

rahjconkas Yeh man!!!

raad Sick bars @datavelli sick beat @physiks

harvsletoad I don't give a fish cake !!!

vibes That is fresh as

kayghost Hahahahaha maaaad

pyne Dope

emceegoldy Illest, word up son..

prysds Where breddahs shift weight in order to get their sick pay. On point as ever G

lukefluency Silky smoov grimey ass groov

leonpiers yes lad

el_jistos Dude you killed this.

dombele Yhh that's sick

codymoore96 Prime as


dukeboxbailey Bruvvva this is freakin killa..mad props

fromthesoul1990 "Where every sunny day, is still a dim grey"

budzggg your a gully muffuka



xavrmusic goin in!!!

ludwigvandub yeaaa