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cptcletus Tooooooo sick!

kwazi0117 Flames

cultvader Nice to see a rapper on here who can spit dope bars mate

prysds Safe youzzz lot. ☝🏼️

oksemoron Fire from Leeds 👊🏻

litework 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Journal entry #1000000
Beat by chairmanmaf
#ukhh rap shit bonnet Mafia unit 731 rogue ethic affiliates . Headphone steez


blair_jacob 👊🏽🔥🔥

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Mr Blah Blah Blah
#ukhh Bonnet Mafia Unit 731 Rogue Ethic


akem_manah Yoooo this is hard asf man 👀🔥

deadweightbeats Boom! This is big this bro.

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cptcletus Love this track !

cptcletus Me u and @goosenevin need to link up get on that fagin shit

drskn_ @cptcletus cheers man! Big ups. You'll see more on the 6th 😁 & yes mate, that'd be illy! 👌🏻👊🏻🔥

goosenevin On that @cptcletus & @drskn_ phatty beat elmz

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drskn_ 🔥

cptcletus Murky

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becks14301 mateee

verbo Thanks @becks14301 by ups for the support! X

verbo Big**

becks14301 anytime man, this is sick!

kyu_tracks 👊 Sick! Keep it up!

verbo @brapp this is getting far to much love ;)

verbo @kyu_tracks thanks man! I will have to duppy one of your beats soon :)

maaaaar That's my boy ❤️xxxxxxxx

verbo #bmc16

verbo @bmc16

becks14301 still reckoon you killed this shit man x

verbo Legend thanks so much !! Literally be a dream to have a chance at this! X

maaaaar I think you have it in the bag babe you gotta have 💙❤️xxxxxxx

verbo @bmc16 #bmc16 !!!

maaaaar 👍

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genghisdaze Love this! Hit me up if you wanna collab

moraless @genghisdaze Bigups man!! Yeah for sure g I'm down !!

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stretchmc Geeza.... Stop it!

youthstar Crack me up

bricks 🔥🔥

bricks dude fire.

cptcletus Haha BADMAN


david_amelei Haha siiiiiick

viciouscreep jheeeeez.....dope

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shayd Quick ting on a @leafdog beat bigup

offthericta Too sick!!

adibanti Flow!

majorbuzz Nice nice

seandeanartist Dope !!!

jrokkamusic lush vocal style, and serious flow sista

shayd Bless!

jayprophit nice flow

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Verbo - Aka Stevie C
Verbo @ OneLion HQ #ukhh


chatta87 Sick man heightened energy man haha big ups

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Beat by saulthesame
bars i wrote in the point of view of me dad who passed away last year #super #emotional #comedown


fordz @cptcletus @saulthesame show some love xxx

saulthesame @fordz big up bruh... Serious bars man

slowz Nice1 bro! Felt that!

fordz @shadow saaafe dargy

thatkidilla Raw x

genghisdaze Deep!

sofrozyne deep content, mad flows!

fordz @sfzbeats eeeeasy bfd dargy!!! do i know u in real life hahaha???

sofrozyne Nahhh man, just seen you on here, from near west bowling though haha

harvsletoad Big up man v nice

cptcletus Yo man that was dope as fuck... Full track gwaaaarn come?

fordz @cptcletus yeh yeh brudda

cptcletus Need links to some ish mate

david_amelei Big!

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cptcletus Can't do tags ... Shouts @medikayshun

moraless My man on a straight murkerzzzzzzzzzzzz

medikayshun Tight work mate!

bricks 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯