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sterlingbeats big ups!

sterlingbeats getting tighter with the flows man!

crtz @sterlingbeats Thanks so much my G!

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sterlingbeats big ups man! im the guy that was chatting to you in teso on saturday, didnt realise you had barrrrs!

crtz Noice one man! I dunno, just starting ;) good to see you got brapp though G!

crtz @sterlingbeats dunno if you see it cuz I didn't tag you :s

sterlingbeats Yeah man i saw it, just had to wait to reach a computer before i can comment, been using the app on a browser, can upload beats but cant rap on anyone's tracks!

sterlingbeats add me on facebook man,

crtz Ah nice was just making sure. I didn't realise you had so many talents haha you got to get an iPhone! And sick man I will do!

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oozhe Big up g!

crtz Nice one @oozhe man!

slowz Respect the clarity bro

crtz @shadow thanks man appreciate the feedback!

presabeats MESSAGE!!!!

crtz Nice one @presabeats

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First shit
Thought I'd try. I've never spat before. fuck it. #aspiring #devon #hiphop #ukhiphop #drymouthflows... read more


eightysix YES CRTZ .REAL IZM

crtz @eightysix Thankyou man. Means a lot from you!