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Théodore Nadeau

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chesterp 😂delbo grotter haha smashed it! Big up datkid glad your back on road! 🙏

dosgringos Nangalang! Every time 👊🏻

foreignbeggars Each and every!! Very hard (pause)

foreignbeggars Fam what's your twitter

b_clever Datkid smashed it AGAIN @foreignbeggars follow him on Twitter @mathiusjones

datavelli Much respect you lot!

datavelli And big shout to @illinformed for the beat. 🔥

prysds Facccckin dope.. Seen a vid of your dropping this bar on FB waved fammo. Straight killing it G

datavelli @prysds Safe man.

boombapfestival Jheez so glad you're back g you were missed

josebee Nice!

hank_hiller Bang bang

illdando Props g

lindenjay bars

grimtimez Hard!!

oab Kulla baby

tommyhatchet dope scheme

jonnydrillz @datavelli smashed da ting

genghisdaze Killed it

illinformed @datavelli yes g!! this is dope!

bricks big 🔥🔥🔥🔥

notion So dope

nebula_beatz Good

adibanti Woi! Now that's what I'm talking about

psyke Dope Shit!

lowlife Jeeeehhzzzzz!!!

mrslipz Ridiculously hard my g

ambishn 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

beatcotheque Great flow 🔥

User @lindenjay's avatar

yakari94 sounds like gooood things

raad Dope 👊

mczani yeaaa!

geobeatzuk sick reminds me of gta sanny anny :)