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Tronothan Livingston SeaCull

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rainabeehive Staten Island

Do you even know what you are?
Beat by ezybeatz
Do you even know what you are? I wished for you from afar.. to bless me.. Now I'm stressing. Do you?


raad oh my 👊🔥💯

dotgotbeats Yaaassss!!! This is nice

osirus Jheez!!!

ukmillz Powerful voice 💪🏽

jdogg @rainabeehive just fell in love with your voice 😍 keep it up smashing it !

madlipper 3 secs is all it took and i hit the follow button ... you have a great tone!

rainabeehive Thanks everyone it's really appreciated 🖤🖤🖤

agzillabeats I wanna hear the whole song!!!! Zz.

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room237beats Yes my brother!

dirtybuckle Dope dude@