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friday 13 bars
Beat by illinformed
illinformed on the beat - changing gear - #heavy #hip hop


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Bitta Jungle Today
Little bit of spittin to a nice jungle tune by @4a4 #junglist #4a4 #bars


4a4 Ahh nicely! I didn't get a notification, did you record it over the track in the app or separately?

mcsubliminal @4a4 Sweet man, Na I did it separately am still gettin the hang of the app at the minute but thought it'd come up on yours anyway

ruski Love this flow

4a4 Yeah mate-if you go to the original track and press record from there, it will come up on my track with the other videos. So anyone that looks there will see your video as well 👊

mcsubliminal @perspective sweet bruvva! @4a4 Cool man I'll get on that and will look out for more of your beats!

4a4 Get a few verses recorded over the audio with headphones or whatever-bits of this are sick. Might have to get ya to go on the final version 😄

mcsubliminal Yea bro I'll get on that soon! I'll get something done on one of your beats/ this one and we'll see what we can do