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Dave Pearce Cardiff, UK

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los Calgary

leeh 🔥👍

daihard Woooo 🔥 fire bro

los @leeh @daihard you both have fire beats, can’t wait to rap to more of them!

daihard @los looking forward to that mate. When me and @leeh get the mixtape together, u shud jump on.

los @daihard I’d love that, cant wait to hear it

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leonraz Denver

The Trilogy
Beat by daihard
Recorded in a Denver graveyard... RIP JackieBlonde #diss #lyricism #bars #barz #battle


leonraz ☠️@jackiebond

jackiebond 🍺@leonraz

leonraz Yeah I guess we can call it that 🍻

daihard @leeh

leeh 🔥

leonraz Might as well post the lyrics: ✒️ Upturn a stone Discover and burn Jesus sandals Trample anything sacred for fools Shake, rattle a tool I’m not a snake Won’t play dead for two sec’ Claimin’ you wreck pah... nah That’s what got you in check In four, mate informed you 4:20, late for the party Hardly appeared it’s hardy har at the bar, hear? You 80s baby, I’m Cosby Spike the Bacardi, prick me again Your delicate skin I’ll peel off like green Mazeratis Beat chops ain’t no karate And even that ain’t like a big knife with big spikes through your body Got so many dope lines Gold stitched ™ letters On all tees and me sweaters...

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jackiebond Denver

daihard 🔥 fire bro

daihard @leeh

jackiebond thanks @daihard that beat is tight A.F!

daihard Thanks bro. Me & my boy @leeh putting together lil mixtape. Be cool if you cud jump on. Give us sum of those fire bars

jackiebond I'm totally down! leeh has some tight beats also! when are y'all planning on dropping the mixtape?


leeh Mixtape will be soon 👌

petermumbla @leonraz jealousy is a bitch

daihard’s all about the music. You both got fire bars. It’s all love. 👍🔥

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