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Dave Pearce Cardiff, UK

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daihard fire bro

trip_hakksaww Thx dude. I’m a fan of the beats bro. I’m down to work any time.

daihard Well, thank you for that my friend. Be my guest to scroll thru the beats and jump on (in the mean time) also if you have insta, would you mind me tagging your vid?

trip_hakksaww That’s what’s up...I’m gettin all this 2019 shit outta me so stay tuned lol. And yeah my Instagram is @trip_hakksaww ...I think I’ve already uploaded it...feel free...

trip_hakksaww Big ups @hardybeatz

milogic Official!

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daruffpoet Big ups!daihardbeats

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mcase Bishop's Stortford

daihard that’s sum flames there bro, repping for the UK side of things haha.

hardybeatz Geeeez

mcase Cheers guys! I wrote loads for this- I got more Die Hard bars up for emailing me the beat and I can record a full thing?

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legion89 Sunderland

Right To Live
Beat by daihard
Just thought I’d mix it up, very rough but its what i enjoy doing, hope yoh enjoy it too #freestyle #rapper... read more


daihard express yourself. I like this.

legion89 Respect G I wasn’t going to put any singing on, but then what is the point in my ability if I don’t share it, good or bad. That’s how we learn, that’s how we grow @daihard

daihard you definitely got that in the locker, so its good to use that. keep doing what you do bro.

legion89 Thanks my man, and you too

bigg22 Siiiicccccckkkkkk

legion89 Thanks bro @bigg22

bigg22 Had to repost this

legion89 @big22 respect and love G

legion89 @bigg22 respect and love G