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Fabien darcy Foreign beggers sub
Beat by foreignbeggars
The beat was way too loud on the last video! Hope this one is better.. large up bangzy for the beat & @foreignbeggers... read more


foreignbeggars It’s hard b.. what’s your twitter cuz

fabiendarcy Thank you @fabiendarcy1

syllab My G

raad boom

daineuk Mad mad mad

fabiendarcy Optional("")@raad t

larry YeeeeeH this is amazing

fabiendarcy Optional("")@larry yes Larry!!!! Thanks man

fabiendarcy Optional("")@daineuk

kenjo That's a dope flow

bangzy dopee, the ending was too wavyy

fabiendarcy Optional("")@kenjo Big up kenjo!

fabiendarcy Optional("")@bangzy thankyou man the beat is sick!!!!

sts10 Check out my new beats bro!! You gonna love it.. try it

sciencebeats Smashed it

dzalarap Congrats bro!

fabiendarcy Thankyou @sciencebeats

fabiendarcy Optional("")@dzalarap thank you bro!!!