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David Amelei

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bigmungz Wow that's incredible

zarahjones Beautiful

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hypemansage London

arthurrambo Ey roooodboy

foreignbeggars oooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiit

iomega Yea bro

djlethalskillz @hypemasage Salute for blessin da beat mah man!

djlethalskillz @foreignbeggars Salute to the fam & the repost!! kudos

prysds Yessss brudda long time no see flames this.

raad boom

kenjo Nice

joeshire Dooooope! Nice to see ya finally arrived g, big ups...

david_amelei Big!

blatantlyblunt my g!

doncotti Shower


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jazzychavo yes man! fuck the rich power! forced to pay bills tho

dotz @jazzychavo for real! Big ups

lastdisciple superb dotz

dotz @divineson thanks bro

bisonbriggz Yes @dotz

dotz Respect @briggz

theory dope


poppywilson Yessssss

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spitfire Yessss homie

jyager @plaindavid big up g. Sick

david_amelei safe brother

rev_records Smashed it

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

david_amelei @boombapfestival

ladysanity Killed it

slowz That was sick!

david_amelei Big up

chesterp Smashed it bro

tomryan Dopeness man, killed it!!

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past moments
got tons of beats if anyone wants any hit me up


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Sideways Bars
Forgot the last 4 bars.. Standard... Why's it keep going sideways ina dis bloodclartttt #Sideways #Bars #Dotz


si_phili BRAPPPPP

sizzahandz This guys a mutant fi real lol. Big up Dotz.

dotz Big up @sizzahandz