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ded_tebiase What's your email bro?

ruderalis Nice one bro @eightysix - I'm tryna sort this weekend .... @ded_tebiase :)) good to hear from you man

ded_tebiase incoming!!!

ruderalis Got it bro - respect for that - will be in the lab this weekend

ded_tebiase Send me the vox when you ready man and I'll arrange it properly

ruderalis Ok sweet bro - will do

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yetizm Nice one man! If u wanna flex ur skills check out Chop Shop Beat Battle.

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straight out the mpc.
soz if the mix is all over the place...... dubbed this straight out the mpc. if you can tell me where i sampled the... read more


djevidenz yeah vibez

ruderalis Sounds like funkdoobiest

ruderalis Brv let me get a beat for a project with Mongo an Mankub - don't usually beg it - but I need at least one boom bap joint . U said you would a while back now ....

ruderalis @ded_tebiase

mrconcept love the old school. nice beat man

metasin Early 90's NYC feel, dope!

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nickytaurus Doncaster


raad this is dope

machia dopeness


joeshire yes yea this is sick g!

citizendope Way dope!

foreignbeggars too sick

foreignbeggars @konnykon

nickytaurus Thanks @foreignbeggars

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robcave Bedford-Stuyvesant

Beat by ded_tebiase
I got shit to do but let me BRAPP instead


raad Loosie

ded_tebiase wooooiiiii

saulthesame this though

hollyflo G

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raad I dig

djevidenz Yes man

eightysix Yeah ..nice

ashtheauthor Damn son!

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raad love this vibe

djevidenz This break gets Mis used. But you've done great job. Great beat

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oab send me some beats through for NLP g!!

percyfilth Nooice


djevidenz Yes yes on this too

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User @ded_tebiase's avatar

threedee Hey what's good man!! I'm an artist from New Jersey i fuck with your sound alot!! I feel like our styles would compliment each other really well and I'd love to work with you on a whole collab project I feel like we could come up with something really dope! Please get back to me as soon as you can @ded_tibiase If you're not comfortable talking on here you can email me at peace man


jwalks BS&C

budhoundz Damn this is next level man

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dombele Smooth af


geebag rReggie Noble

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geobeatzuk Noice!



honourstea Dusty as fuck... Love this