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dias London

timeoutbeats This is dope man!! Love it!

dias @timeoutbeats appreciate that man...the beat is so nice and chilled...that smooth jazz Kenny g shit lol

timeoutbeats Lol thanks man appreciate it!! How you feel about making this a full track?

liamgreenmusic Ayyyyyyy this is DOPE ! Respect

raad dope

concise Aye this is sick @dias

dirtybuckle Cool raps dude!

copiusbeats Dope

trimerdon sick

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dias London

DIAS - RIP skeeks
Beat by shownprove
Rip to my boy skeeks. This song is about cherishing your close friends because they are like fam and you never know... read more


cosm Good to hear you rhymin again man! Still impress me, standard

aemzo So sick bless up

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dias London

DIAS quick 16
Beat by djdirt
Old bars for me new bars for you


djdirt Fire !!!! Good bro

dias @djdirt safe bro. The bump reminds me of that old grimey shit.

dias The beat*

jordantwin Heavy bro !!!

jordantwin Where about in London bro????North?East?South?West????

dias Safe man....South London bro and u? @jordantwin