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Dylan Buckle

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bmrpro #nastywiththosechops #oneofmyfavoriteprod

djevidenz Big ! Love how the bass set the vibe on this.

dirtybuckle @bmrpro Thanks !

dirtybuckle @djevidenz Thanks for the love!

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Ashley still mad at me
Beat by dirtybuckle
We family please come back to me


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famousrapper San Francisco Bay Area

The devil talk but i dont listen
Beat by dirtybuckle
I love you, don’t stop creating


dirtybuckle Great work dude!

famousrapper @dirtybuckle thank you! Felt like doing a bunch of freestyles on here this morning

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dirtybuckle Dope dude! Thanks for blessing this beat.

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dirtybuckle Dope dude!

tmoneymil @dirtybuckle thank you. I always find whenever I’m either pissed off or emotionally Riled up the flow comes out better. It also helps when you feeling the beat, and this beat is amazing. What are you using to make your beats?

dirtybuckle Energy + Motion = emotion. I just use Maschine and a laptop to make my beats. More on the way!

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dirtybuckle Haha! Fucking great energy!

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dirtybuckle Dope dudes..

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_hansolo_ London

Save The World
Beat by charlieb
Love the retro sound to this beat #femalesinger #singer


dirtybuckle Great lyrics!

charlieb Nice

_hansolo_ @dirtybuckle thank you!

_hansolo_ @charlieb

lucianitatt Go head now sounds good

karroumymj Really amazing!

_hansolo_ @lucianitatt thanks

lucianitatt No problem do you wanna do a song