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Misfit Kiddy Part Two
Raw meat in a hanky. Part two of this mornings bar #morningbar #abaraday still Samiyam on the beat, still sending... read more


datavelli Nice. Love the beat as well

dizraeli @datavelli nice one - actually just clocked that it's not Samiyam.. Dunno who made it!

datavelli Well, hold tight whoever. Bless g.

illiterate_ Dope! @datavelli @dizraeli beats by al Dali

dizraeli Nice one @illiterate_

knrs Yes yes!!!

lowpitch Smashed it

ebenflo Seen you and the small gods at together the people so sick

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Misfit Kiddy Part One
This morning's bar - too long for a single Brapp so part two coming :) saw a lush gig at the Oslo last night props to... read more


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Bris Fashion (spat sideways)
Beat by badhabitz
#skatenostalgia #bristol dunno why it came out sideways but there you go. Props to @badhabitz for the beat that makes... read more


silverback I know all about the grit in the palms.well saiid

oab AAAAAAah nie!

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Shut Your Clamour Down
Beat by figarate
Writing a bar in half an hour every morning at the minute as a challenge... Brapp seems a good place to share em.... read more


figarate @dizraeli big ups bro

dizraeli Safe sir sorry I misspelled ur name! @figarate

figarate Ha ha all good man

illiterate_ Super dope

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Nasty Little Nobhead...
Beat by ghosttownbeats
Wrote this to ghost towns beat on the bus this morning... London heads grizzling in the rain... #ghosttown props for... read more


genghisdaze There's plenty too fuel these bars of

innatej Nice nice

staykonked Ayyy that was live!!

silverback So good

mczani Yes Diz!! Respect g

grillo Hot damnnn

azlan unreal


seldom Who's undone your plumbing whilst you're lacking pipe dreams. Flame!

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chesterp @knrs

knrs @chesterp Killed it bro!!

shotstoppa Jheeeez! Lights Out. Lights Out.

dosgringos Dope!

cosm Heavynesss

mynameisnuttyp Fire

golden_nine Dopeness!

genghisdaze Top

verse1 Yo chessmonster , if u get a chance personal message me fam , trust , keep up the light work , the universe thanks you for bringing such a fiery energy

viking Just YES YES YES

viking Just YES YES YES

viking Just YES YES YES

docskeng Kickin mad knowledge g! Check my beats and follow me back if you can please bro, peace!!

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jakaboski Shouts to Caseyjones on the beat

casablanca Nice mate!!

illiterate_ fucking ill

foreignbeggars oh shiiit.. hahaha on point!!

eightysix WORDS

hank_hiller Banger!

genghisdaze ill as

b3fambusiness Big

unbalanced love this

mczani Jeeez

harvsletoad Don

sonnyjim Sick

mrslipz Yea yo!


azlan delicious

illuminative Dope