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94400 Vitry-sur-Seine, France

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quest Swing ting

sonskrif shouts to: @raad @djez @thebreaks @nikimukhi @bigchubbs @anime @familia @zarahjones @louisjwalker @binakaj @quest for the reposts x

djez Big Up ! Good track !! Tanks 4 support !


toobad keepin' it loose and louche dude ;)

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rowdybunz Big up for blessing my beat brother

djez Thank you Bro' your beat is dop !

jordzilla French connections @rowdybunz

djez Thank you !! Good connections @jordzilla

jordzilla Straight up


djez @raad

djez @raad thanks for support

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djez @bjornmajestic @zarahjones @alphamemphis @jwalks Excuse I for having mispronounced your names but freestyle obliges the rough draft is often the best so I shall pay attention the next time! I like what you are doing not to mention @lastdoghung @foreignbeggars @raad @drematic @familia and more !!

zarahjones Nice! I'm am honoured!

lastdoghung It's all good! Love your flow

thafamilia Much love bro.

djez Thanks to you for your answers and your support big respect @familia @zarahjones @lastdoghung


keiosxlek aaahhh enfin du rap francais ca fais plaise bruuuh !!!!

djez Merci fréro ! On est al !! @keiosxlek


djez Thank you @raad

oab thanks g

djez @aob your welcome Bro'

djez @nibor

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djez Deux jours que j'ai pas pu Brapper donc je Brappe avec la voix cassé ! Une putain de laryngite mais pas moyen j'suis Brapp Addict ! Pour mon mögö Gianï ! Y'a fohiii !

zarahjones your voice and deliverance of words is really nice to listen to. Admittedly I do not understand the language but the flow and vocal is simply stunning. Nice work

djez @zahjones Thank you very much! Coming from you who sings as a Diva that affects me. In fact I have the a little broken voice and it was a little freestyle, i'm brapp Addict now !!

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thefilthybarkid Deep bars man love it

thafamilia Bless bro @filthybarkid

thefilthybarkid Big up the little one too!

djez Once again !!

djez That's what i Wa talking about !!

djez Braaaaapp !!

thafamilia Safe bro @the filthybarkid

thafamilia @thefilthybarkid

thafamilia Thank you bro @djez


calmdowncolin big

thafamilia Much love @calmdowncolin @raad

calmdowncolin I wish I could like this twice fam

thafamilia Safe bro. Blessings @calmdowncolin

thefilthybarkid Love this a little more each time I play it man

thafamilia Thanks bro much love @filthybarkid

thafamilia The beat inspired the bars bro

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djez Thx 4 the beat !!



djez Thx !!


djez Thx @raad

djez @mrversatilemind hi ! Can you send me the beat please ? I think we can make something !!! your sound is so dope ! Thank you !! Check my e-mail:

mrversatilemind @djez yeah for sure , I'll send it over to you

djez @mrversatilemind thank you !!

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djez Cimer Nibor ! Pb d'enregistrement j'en ai fait un autre....

djez Yo Nibor Merci du coup j'en laisse qu'un ! Tu m'a aidé a choisir Thx Bro

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ceji Du lourd gros !

jazzychavo je ne parle pas francais but this sounds good!! pow pow!

velcrofficiel Un bon texte un bon flow, du coup c'est du bon rap ! Continue !

skanky c bon ça gars

mikefr Extra!

lxn Bic up!

ladysanity Love your flow!

soilitos00 ca tue

mohtazi Excellent

brappfr #BrappFrance

rafapara Niceee

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thafamilia Margate
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Days go by
Beat by steelberg
@steelberg Few days late! Thanks for the beat :)


ahurumazda Tonal good business

steelberg Yes, This is TIght. Im an Mc aswell, If you ever want to link on some tracks let me know. Would be keen to get on some stuff!

steelberg Haha had this on replay it's so nice to have someone on a beat of mine! Thank you.

raad really digging this sound

akem_manah Shiiiiit this keeps you in a trance

zarahjones You never fail

da_ruff_poet Killed it again fiona

oozhe Yea you killed this!

keiosxlek daamm beautiful voice !! like it !!

iiiiffy stunning voice