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djisgod Dope.biggup

futurarhymez wicked lyrics massive respect g!

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Beat by djisgod
Laid this down first take and forgot to shout out the homie on the beat! @djisgod big ups man!!! Sick beat!


marston bless up brother, thanks for the shout , your a funny fucker bro, bars are genius

marston Big up to @djisgod on the beat, it’s dope as f....

krafty Optional("")@marston haha!! Thanks man! A well deserved shout, hoping to get a track with you for one of my projects if you’re down mate!

krafty Yeah @djisgod killed this beat!

marston Optional("")@krafty always bro, anytime you got something just shout me, it’d be a pleasure, hit me up on Facebook bro

djisgod Dope. Biggup man

krafty Optional("")@marston That’d be great man, I came off of Facebook and just kept my music page up on there but still have the messaging app. Can you shoot me a message? I can’t message profiles until they message me first apparently

krafty Optional("")@djisgod Thanks brother

marston Optional("")@krafty yeah bro I’ll inbox you

krafty Optional("")@marston That’d be great man, thank you

26beats F***!!! I love it !!!! great man!! don' hesite to go to our page to make on or more videos!!

krafty Optional("")@26beats Yooo thanks for the kind words bruv!! I’ll definitely swing by! Big up!


marston Easy bro tried messaging your fb Page , but the message link is dead? Weird bro, inbox some details n I’ll holla

krafty @marston ah that’s weird! Thanks for the email address man, I’ll send it over now

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krafty Fucking love this one

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djisgod damnnnnnn you went in g

marston Optional("")@djisgod cheers brother, beat is I’ll bro, it inspired me to write that

djisgod i woke up early and thought id make a beat it came out dope lol



marston Optional("")@djisgod I’m very ha

marston Optional("")@djisgod *happy you did , it’s sick,

marston Optional("")@nonsprod ty brother ,

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#hiphop #beats #brapp #90bpm #producer #MPC #Instrumental Beat is for sale. email


krafty My new favourite producer this is DOPE. I’ll drop a freestyle to it soon. Big ups for the follow too!

djisgod @krafty big up fella look forward to hearing it

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animalcracker Seattle

monstermatt Dope! You were on dopetracks right?

animalcracker Like a decade ago

animalcracker I def remember you, I’m out here on the westcoast now

djisgod so dope. that scooby flow!

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djisgod Big


dkm90 Optional("")@raad respect

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leyland Sik beat @djisgod I'm gunna have a crack at this one when I get a mo.

djisgod Yea do it g @leyland

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#hiphop #brapp #uk #mpc #sampler #instrumental spit some fire on this crunchy banger