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David Kay

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danieldan Flowing! Dope beat by @mphazes

foreignbeggars I'll

psyke Cheers for the love @foreignbeggars

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User @offtgrid's avatar

psyke flooding brapp today people! #hiphopforlife

psyke #thepurist

sicksixet Nice flow g

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danieldan Off and poppin!

psyke Tagging in @foreignbeggars

r0p0 Killin #Brapp with them words! Word @psyke

fordz easy id join this

cecilmcfarrell Word up

verse1 Ye ye I'm in

danieldan Down for a tag please! Yeah boy.

brapptag Thanks for the repost @gordon_tusk 👊 dope beat

mrharryangel Count me in lads

offtgrid My man @mrharryangel can't wait to hear your bars

brapptag So far so good! Thanks for the support @Brapp users. Up next bringing the 🔥 is @foreignbeggars

pyne Yep

verse1 Big up bro thanks for the tag , check BRAPPER tag 2 out on my profile one love to the real hip hop heads

fordz done mine g g g

brapptag Thanks for the #Brapp cypher @fordz and @verse1. Sorry for the confusion but @PsyKe tagged @ForeignBeggars to step up next. By all means continue your newly started online cypher.

verse1 Yo didn't realise that it was going down like that sorry got excited haha seen my name in the comments and just thought that meant I was in my bad fuck it , see what happens lol

offtgrid Much respect people ✌️

maticulous I'm down for this! @brapptag

maticulous @Maticulous

danieldan Cheers @maticulous 👊 hold tight for your round!

bricks 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

psyke Cheers for the love @bricks

psyke Cheers for the love @bricks