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Dj LoK

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djlok BOOOOM!

hank_hiller Fire

mojo Wooooo


ojhodding Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam super wavy



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jyager Siiiccckk big up @shayd

dosgringos Yes yes this is illy yo!!!

dosgringos @shayd you did it nice right here ,would love to hear a full version from you ,if you up for it we send you the beat :) big up!!

flack Shits reallll

ainaroxx Brapp

sumgii I wanna a full version

shayd @dosgringos415 yes please my homie!!!! I will put on my album!!!!

tinks Slightly in love with you! :) xx

dosgringos @shayd will get that to you as soon as ,

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

anicesouvenir Real talk.

shayd @tinks

djlok Agreed! Full version please!

shayd @djlok ur so sweet lol this song is done and will be on my album!!

jrokkamusic SKILLS

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DJ LoK Maross snippet
Another one from the vaults!


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dosgringos Dirt!!!

prysds Fucking disgusting

spoogle So sick

lastdisciple thats gritty

djlok BACK in the GAME!

datavelli @djlok safe g.


cecilmcfarrell Boom!

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challis_uk Dope!

hi_jak ill T!!

dosgringos Yessss! Big up verb twazzer!!!

badhabitz Big ups g!!

verbt @badhabitz beats real nice man

rinsulin Really nice g

silverback Wooooah @verbt @badhabitz

mcsubliminal Loving the beat + Verb never disappoints !

firedog This.... You... Your skills....

firedog Is fucking crazy... i could watch you all day just spitting rimes from that wonderfilled brain of yours <3

leafdog killed it t... we gona use this for the rld sp ep u wanna be on it?

djlok Boom!

verbt @leafdog yeah man, for sure

marston Dope

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silverback That's the hook right there

inja @silverback

hank_hiller Yeahh

challis_uk Yes!

xavierofficial BIG!

illuminative So good! Soooo bakeddd! @inja

inja Oh yes @mchedge

2shy Yes yes @inja

al Smaaaaaaashed!

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Beat by kompoze
Going back on this one. Shout to @kompose on the beat


2shy Shout to @kompoze on the beat

sosouthern Man like 2shy

djlok Boom! Smashing it bro, keep it coming!

kompoze Dope bro respect!

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richyspitz Smashed it

kingpin That's my girl.

funtcaseuk Destroyed

richyspitz Both smashin it

just_joe Dope af

mrchisti Big!!

cobes Doin da damn ting!! Yes Shay-D!!

troublebcn Daaaaaaayum

foreignbeggars BAWDY!!

foreignbeggars BAWDY!!

shayd Haha!! bless everyone. Its fun! Big up @richyspitz

jyager Yesss Shay-D going innnn

mczani Brapp! :)

dotz Dope, Richy is my DJ, we have bare projects together!

brokenlandbeats Siiiiick, bars for days

sumgii Daaaam

shayd @funtcaseuk :)

graziella Hero!!

graziella Fan!


tinks Massively loving this xxxx

shayd @jyager

shayd @tinks @elbs @graziella

djlok BOOM!

drsyntax Nice!

ludwigvandub daaamn

rmgbeats Fiiiyaaa

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I Don't Have The Time
Quick kitchen jam before heading out to black swan #acoustic #jam #vibes


jyager Always amazing @evalazarus

evalazarus Aaaaay! @jyager thanks angel!!!

jyager @evalazarus hit me up via email ma it's on my page

silverback Wowsers! @evalazarus (love the knuckle duster mug)

nikimukhi Killingg ittt!!

nikimukhi @silverback lolllzz

bess Love it!!

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

djlok WOI!

konnykon Dopeness

awfer_cot Absolutely amazing!!

User @kompoze's avatar

nikimukhi Holy smokes!!

adibanti Woiiii!

skillmitchell Nooice!

loudmouthmelvin Jeeez

djlok Nice bro!

3mebeatz Too much

sizezero Harrrrrrd

User @djlok's avatar

jyager this is that G shitdope

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dosgringos Arrrrrrd!!

djlok Gwan bruv!!!