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djmocity New Delhi

foreignbeggars Oooeeeoeeee 💥💥💨

thefilthybarkid Dope

raad 👊🔥

djlethalskillz @djmocity Salute to da fam! 👊🔥👊🔥👊🔥

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djlethalskillz @djmocity Woop Woop! haha just found out u on Brapp word da funk up, Salute on killin the beat Praaaaaaaaa'

djlethalskillz @ixist Salute on the kill fam! Big ups to u and MoCity Braaaaaaaaaaaap!!

ixist Blessssss :)

keiranmerrick So sick, dope flow!

dirtybuckle Dope dudes! This is heat

copiusbeats 🔥

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jazzychavo digididope!!!

rebelaca Nice vibes man .... You look so happy ... Great singing... Was worried you were driving at the start as well as singing !! 😯🚘

foreignbeggars DAAAAAAAAMN

mskal you killl me !!!!!!!! wonderfull voice

rubia love her haha :*

strikez Sick voice!!!!

rebelaca It's nice when you relax. And then you really shine. Just fuck it and go for it dude. You've got all the skills you need there. Just missing the words.. The trick is not to think of the words. Think of the story you want to tell what happens next. The words your brain works out. That's how conversations work. I better you can talk fast without thinking about it. Anyway. Excuse if I'm being rude or teaching egg sucking in anyway. All Criticisms GREATLY received this direction. It hurts. But it helps 🔝🔜📢🔚

rebelaca Of course now entirely regretting my "whose a clever dick" comments ..Please ignore me ! Yo

lalo @rebelaca broh, why should it hurt me? I'm not a freestyler and I started recently with writing my own lyrics sooo, I'm cool with criticism :)

rebelaca Yeah but who the hell am I to say some crap like that. Oh btw blah blah 🗣.. What I was really trying to say was when you relaxed during that video, then there was something magic about it. But hey. That's always the battle. To just relax and be yourself. I fail at it on a moment to moment basis. I am definitely shutting up now as I'm boring myself. One love

bigh Inspiring! Big!

starseedbeats What a voice ! Damn it's huge, congrats

elhawk Love this one!

darqub damn, i could hear this for hours!!!

thingy sick!

atlasbass Ohhhhh beautiful voice !!! amazing !!! Tcheck my channel maybe U can find something for U @djmocity

g0n3 Amazing freestyle 👏👊👍🥰

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Take Six: Narcy
Narcy, rap, iraq a fella, hiphop,


bearbeats This is so dope

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raad its that jibberish 🔥👊

nikimukhi Word!! Dubai in the houseee 👊🏽

caravanerecords AyyyyDubai ! Check my page bro gooda prod for u 🔥

nebula_beatz booum

banders Dubai can't run outta barsss

bankboy Big up my g! You got bars... love from London

larry Mmmmmmhhmmm killed it

sirautumngrey Nasty

sirautumngrey Nasty

elhawk Toof in the background!

thingy boom!

marston Flames 🔥🔥🔥

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raad toofless in the building what up 👊

genghisdaze You literally killed this beat bro!

nonames Yes yes toofles 📣

elhawk He's always been nasty!

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lebreeze 🔥🔥🔥

raad Yeaaaaah big up #generallevy #incredible #dubaibrapp @djvadim @djmocity #deepcratescartel 🔥🔥🔥

lebreeze @rastan @pritam @pravvyprav

djvadim Sick

verbo Sickness!!

physiks yes yes! welcome to brap!

sosouthern @generallevy what a don 🙌

foreignbeggars @djvadim @djmocity @generallevy 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

barz Yes my don

jbtunes Nice brother! I feel the vibe 👌🏼🎶✌🏼️

mczani jeez!!

bricks 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

amatic23 Jungle is massive ;)

esse Good vybz Bro 💪🏾👏🏾😉

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oab uuuh!! bang bang, thats real ill man

oab @hirollabeats knows!

nikimukhi Dope!!

foreignbeggars The Man The Legend... Big up @mocity

jrokkamusic thats my brother HIROLLA @hirollabeats

jrokkamusic dope lyrics

missmiakang WOOOOOOW YES!!!

mrchisti My man that was incredible!!!!

raad Yes yes! BIG UPS 💥💥💥💥

genghisdaze Old school flow

rembo E is the Don if there's anyone making more sense than him on this app I ain't heard it


noisiboi yea son

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foreignbeggars Mo city in the hizzaus

alowala 💯

jyager Big up g!!! 👊🏽

jrokkamusic flow chilla