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dospi Big up ! Doooope! Alligator

tenbagbanditz @dospi cheers bro! Nice beatttt

chesterp Alligator! Fuck money fuck money fuck money !

tenbagbanditz Yes @chesterp if you get a sec check the full track out bro! #taskforceforever

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illuminative Sweet



puf2 Very good beat, i have rap on this :)

sundeep This is a hot beat!

mskal jolie taf, c lourd.....

gypsymac Sick beat bro big up !!

nebula_beatz putain ces frais

truer nicee

hanzo_steel Why don't you have a soundcloud bruh? Your beats are killin it

djvadim Dope makes me wanna spit bars!!!

geebag I'm sure that's the same sample E Dot used on one of his tracks on Uncle Howie records

majestic What's this sayin @badhabitz? I need this!

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zbeul Fuck! Really dope men !

dospi Kick it bro!

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oneoz Really dope g

dospi Thanks bro !

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zbeul I love this beat men!!!!!

dospi Haha merci !

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Simple cello
Instrumental made with sample. Old school beat. Who wanna try ? #brapp #oldschool #french #beat #dope