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Daniel Rain

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drain16 Quick off the top as promised for a banger by @abrahamlilson it was a pleasure &

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benza Just fell in love!! Haha nice!!

lrd Wavey . Great tone.

zarahjones Love your flow chick!

cashus Reminds me of Aaliyah

tharelic22 Nice voice!!

koryus ..... so niiiiiiiiiice !!

koryus Look Me !

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foreignbeggars Jumeirah


tonyceasar Sick

futurarhymez That. was. wicked!!

bennyaves yes mate, this album was what got me into hip hop - big up!

benza Use to love this tune! It was all about the mad contrast between a 'happy go lucky' beat and this lyric about "rape,bugger n pillage the whole of ya mums village" haha SICK

drain16 Too cold

nebula_beatz Good job dude !

koryus Good My Friend !!!

madengo #fassiesonblacktie #trulyvintage #respect

kyanites Let's collab

notesproducer Dope

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ptredeyez Yeah yeah!!

docskeng Yes aaron!

jjonas212 This is REAL.

markymarkosa BIG


mcbluntos Sick g

drain16 Content, flow, story telling lyricist = talent straight repost!!

drain16 Hold tight the Mandela bringing the art back!!

drain16 Mandem*

sicksixet Appreciated g, nuff love @drain16

lrd Just listened back! This is BIG.


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foreignbeggars Haha wicked

che_ach Quality

futurarhymez Niceee! Such an amazing voice!

ptredeyez Booyakah sharrrrr!!


mskal this voice is so waouuuu

kyu_tracks Whooopp!

stretchmc Gwan sistahhhh

gnasher Siiiiiiiiick fam

fionajane Thanks for the kind words!

drain16 You so cold it warms me I know what I mean lol keep it up = REAL TALENT

djvoyager Nice vocals gal, keep smashing it x

bigh Sheeitttt, Roniii you Need to Collab with this! I need a full version sonnn !

quantumatics Are you in for collab? Like your sound

fionajane @quantumatics thank you. Absolutely. My email is

quantumatics I mailed you :)

kissfist Love your style Fiona, it'd make my day if you sang to one of my tracks. :-)

kissfist Is this post really 3 years old??

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drain16 @raad thanks for the love and support ima check your stuff out

lrd Big

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lrd Smashed it!

drain16 Thanks for the love bro send me some contact info. Link up

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User @drain16's avatar

lrd Respect bro. Went in!

drain16 Much love keep that real stuff coming man it's a dying art!

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foreignbeggars So good


skitz84 Dope

mcbluntos sick


drain16 Just this out to see what else you had....damn lrd back at it with the sorry but this has to get a share

drain16 Separate comment on the bars...what's that word again TALENT!

ortizart killed it

raad dope

reemremi Bro been listening to your music on soundcloud all week more life 2 u g

tdaly Nuff love. An thanks remi man. Bless

skitz84 Push that shit out there bruv cos its dope, raw and smooth like Nutella. HipHop 4eva


hoopa That is some serious wordplay bruddah

markymarkosa This is too much. This needs to be a track hood

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