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Andrea VanDyck

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raad I dig this

noknortik Safe

noknortik Cheers man


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Westy - Collide Refix
Out on the Million Views free EP Twitter - @Westlake95


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dreagalaxy Love this- would I be able to record over it?

quietlife @dreagalaxy yea sure , you want me to send u the full beat?

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jyager Siiiiiiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkkkkkk.. Love this

jyager This beats gangsta

genghisdaze Fat

blksn Wow

krupa Oh my

sophiejade Sick

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dreagalaxy Mate really feeling this!!!

dreagalaxy Fire


kooldrive Thank you

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Odin - Flex [Instrumental]
On a different #vibe this time! #rappers get busy! Hit the like button if u are feeling this and let me know what u... read more


bahia So dope

bahia Yo you on soundcloud?

odindj Yes! Find me: OdinDJ on SC, insta n Twitter...Odin Music for FB!

katblack How about #singers...can we get busy too? Feeling this; nice work!!

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dreagalaxy She's back!!!

lnative1 @dreagalaxy

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kooldrive @raad thank you

eightysix Deep soundscape . Nice

kooldrive @eightysix thanks

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ptredeyez Woiiii!

trav @ptredeyez respect!!!

mokenltf Très ptn de lourd !

trav @mokenltf merci!

aceone Im from london england man! Im gonna bless this if thats cool!!

trav @ace1 please do!!!! I'm ready for it

mokenltf @trav J'suis un jeune Mc français comme t'as pu deviner, et j'ai grave de l'interêt pour cette prod, tu penses qu'on peux bosser ensemble ?

trav @ayahmarar @saskilla @starvingyetfull

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lrd everytime brother.

darksoul @lrd

nikimukhi Sick flows


darksoul Cheers mate @nikimukhi

eightysix Gwarn



lrd This is sick bro.

ortizart sick bro

darksoul Nice one people