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DS Gryme

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dsgryme London
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dsgryme London
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dsgryme Jheeeze that’s sounds heavy on this beat, let’s work dm me on insta

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nglbeats That's hot ! Check out my beats brother

xerah This is dope! I see a Kyle type vibe to this

dsgryme Fire bro DM me on insta @dsgryme

drweathers C’mon now! This is it, right here. I have open verses with your name on them, no doubt. DM me on IG @douglasweathers or on

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dsgryme London

motion1980 Imma hit this up for

dsgryme @motion1980

smirks Hard

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gold1ne Fire!!

dsgryme Thx bro @gold1ne

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specialists awesome soulful!

dsgryme This can actually work the beat is available for free download on my soundcloud @DSGryme

gig19 Great, thank you. Will check this @dsgryme

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dsgryme West Norwood

Spin Dem
This is just a vibe, I could bar for days to this. Let see what you got @DSGryme


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lyricalmadd California

dsgryme Fire

illuminative #FIRE

lyricalmadd @mchedges Salute.

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