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ssabzii Toronto

dskyz I’m writing to this cause this is

ssabzii @dskyz

ssabzii @dskyz hit me up on Instagram if u want to the get the beat wav file to record on

dskyz Dude I ain’t got no cash for beats but thumbs up for the hustle keep grinding. Will follow on insta

belushieyopez Another hit

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_hansolo_ London

Something Needs To Change
Beat by bl4ckp4rk
Quick little one take - playing around with ideas. Thanks for the beat!


bl4ckp4rk Ohh Hannah, thaaanks

nonsprod nice

young40jim amazing just amazing!!

_hansolo_ @nonsprod thanks!

_hansolo_ @young40jim thank you

_hansolo_ @bl4ckp4rk no worries! Love the beat

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Beat by charlieb
Play the beat and jam a tune n words. Love this laid back beat


charlieb Fantastic. Thank you.

nonsprod nice

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larry Sick bars sounds like some chester p level shit

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nikimukhi Yess!!!

shacks Yh like that bro

grimson Amazing talent


biskone Dope

wezzly_kane Gwarnnn Son !!!! Love that funky shit !!!! ' im only happy when I'm losing the plot'

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In The Stars
Samples the Jackson 5’s “All I do Is Think Of You” and infuses that West Coast banger sauce in it! #chasesudlah... read more


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southernquill And I don’t give a shit cause I’m perfectly fine- ha! Love it...


dskyz @southernquill

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nonsprod boom

wally @nonsprod that beat tho my guy, ace

introverb Fire my dude, nice flow UK?

wally @introverb cheers mate! Aye UK living

dskyz Pretty good flow man

wally @dskyz thanks my dude!

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toggz Essex

dskyz Aww

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stllegend St. Louis