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Masterlink Productions

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Hammer Them
trippy break eastcoast old school hiphop rap


trip_hakksaww Dope, serious

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dubdiggah Dope

marston Optional("")@dubdiggah thank you brother, it’s a pleasure, beat is silky


marston Optional("")@nonsprod thankyou brother

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timeoutbeats Dope!! Much love for blessing the beat

soulsinger21 @timeoutbeats No doubt. The track is fire. I would love to get a chance to finish writing and record it.

timeoutbeats @soulsinger21 appreciate it! Definately down to work on a full version. Whats your email?

soulsinger21 @timeoutbeats

soulsinger21 @timeoutbeats What’s your email ? I’m getting so much good feedback on this one. We need to get together and do this fill version.

timeoutbeats @soulsinger21 dope! I just sent you an email

soulsinger21 @timeoutbeats Cool

dirtybuckle Brilliant!

soulsinger21 @dirtybuckle Thanks

olghank Wow!

soulsinger21 @olghank Thanks.


soulsinger21 @linguizy Thanks

carleto So dope, good luck on the release x

ronnygambino Damn bruh! Dope beat

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Beat by dubdiggah
support! Also convinced her to Brapp— give her some follow love... read more


dubdiggah So soulful . Thank you.

dwyntercold @dubdiggah thank you!! I love your stuff! Dope

alleydarklight heavyyyy lourdd bruhhh

dwyntercold @alleydarklight lol thank ya!!! So much

alleydarklight u welcome

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88mugraw This is awesome

timeoutbeats Love it!! Thanks for blessing the beat

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dubdiggah Thank you. I'll share some faster beats next

casualness Ha bless it's good! Was first heard - dropped nice ! :)

casualness Soulful

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dubdiggah Hotta Fyah! Rah!

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casualness London Luton Airport

dubdiggah Chuune! Respect King and thanks for putting some soul into this beat and bringing it alive. Give Thanks

casualness Yes iyah.Tom spirals from Glasgow nicing up the vibe

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dubdiggah Funny. don't forget to give credits when using on other platforms than brapp #evertoon #twitter #youtube

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nom4dic Lambeth School of Art

Holy Land
Beat by gwop
was high as fuck jamming to this. what i could do to this track beat is fire #highasfuck #jamming #ukrap... read more


gwop DOPE SON !!!!!

dubdiggah Raaah Raaaaah

albadman Sick

nom4dic cheers guys

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dubdiggah Optional("")@merekae of course. If you add me on IG, Twitter or FB we can talk via messenger

casualness Yes bro do msg when upload fresh :)

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