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monstermatt That was good!

percyfilth Dope. 👽👾👽👾Cheers for the video.

albadman Haha classic bro

nepaul @percyfilth thanks for the repost man! Fantastic beat. So easy to flow over!

nepaul @albadman 😆🤣respect man! Thanks for listening 👂

nepaul @monstermatt finally got some reactions! There are some users after all! 🤣😆🤣

monstermatt It’s a ghost town out here

slomosapian Dope. Thanks for sharing this app, on that i

slomosapian ..on that other app. Not sure why that posted before i was done typing, but its whatever. I see i cannot delete comments too. Hmm

slomosapian Oh wait, i can delete comments. Ok cool. Sorry for blowing your comment section up while learning..

nepaul @slomosapian no worries man! Comment away!

deadott Hahaha sick man, big up!!!!

nepaul @deadott thanks! This one seemed to create the activity I was looking for 😆🤣

nepaul @deadott oh shit! Thanks for reposting!!!

enterthelab Ever feel like people only comment to get something from you?

nepaul @enterthelab not sure! Kinda new here.

enterthelab @nepaul seems a bit better here than Instagram. Had a few people there message me asking if I needed beats... on my photography account 😂

xpliss *jumps in* “Something” He said.

nepaul @xpliss hey man! Drop a verse already!

xpliss @nepaul New job. You weren’t inaccurate about me spending too much time on battleapp. 😂 I will though! I’ve been just trying to explore the beats

nepaul @xpliss nice. Wasn’t sure if you signed up and never used the app, like I did at first. Beats are fresh here tho ain’t they?!

nepaul @sunscored really? How so?

nepaul @sunscored I was pointing out that Brapp users are quiet, and that I’d like to see more activity. Chill with the confrontational comments. This isn’t battleapp.

nepaul @sunscored well Apparently your help yo

nepaul @sunscored Apparently your humor just went over my head. Can be difficult to decipher Intention in the comment section 😅

extremecam Yo brother! I’m still trying to figure out how to get music on so I can use it. Duhhg

nepaul @extremecam All you have to do is hit the “save beat” or 🔴 in the upper right corner to record over the beat you like

dvj Im about to interact

nepaul @dvj 👍

dvj @nepaul i posted a brapp about it

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dvj Apeldoorn

deadott Dope flow, keep it up young G

dvj Thx man