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Dru Derbidge

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bigs Jheeze rate this bro

joeshire @easyd big up g nice one

easyd @joeshire respect man

easyd sound G

ceez99 Yo it’s Liam these bars are haaard

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crossy Yoooo easydddd goin inn!!

dhuz Cool beat!!! Thanks for the add!

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zarahjones Boom!

djdirt Thanks

lastdoghung Quality chops!

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Home Sweet Home
Beat by djharrylove
Finally moved up to my halls in Bristol so it's back on the grind for me! Been wantin to spit over this track since... read more


nuriel Dope

joeshire frasers back

raad go on @jayeff

jayeff @joeshire yehyeh bro ;) safe to yous @nurielone @raad new tracks are on their way sooooon

bige You're awesome

mahill Boom!!

jayeff @yb you know yog ;)

tgattfield Jesus!

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mrconcept Nice

raad yeah man

datavelli New flames

deadott Boom!!

prysds @datavelli safe G.


browne Fuckkkinn el!!

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thefilthybarkid Nice bro

joeshire woii

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Throwaway Part 3
The #Throwaways Series Is Back! This beat will be given away for free to the person who makes the best video on them.



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vard @raad safe

easyd Return of the @vard

vard @easyd haaaaiiiii

docskeng Going in check my beats g!

genghisdaze Killed the bet homie!!

joeshire Wooooooooïïeeeeee

nebula_beatz good job

joeshire Like da bubbles on ya bathhhhhh! Got dis on repeat @vard ... Nice one @jayeff for reposting, forgot about this!

jayeff Haha ikr @joeshire we'll get some recording done soon @vard just need to get more beats together ;)

joeshire @jayeff have to get some sent over for you g's... Ed sent me his email so I'll get on it. Best thing is to video call and flick thru

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djlethalskillz #easyd Salute and respect on the kill! glad u enjoyed the beat respektah! ;)


djevidenz smooth

easyd Safe guys!

dhuz Tremendo

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